4-20 at the WOW HALL

Another successful neverbefore seen or performed blithering and blathering of nonimperiled species of the planet earth dayed and galaxy plumbed characters rollicking and roiling the evening away in manners perplexing and entertaining captured on film and transferred to DVD and now available to YOU if you can stand the embarrassment of parting with your hard earned dollars . . . hold the phone here, maybe I ought to watch the vidie first. Stand by.

by the Skypranksters

In 1957 a bunch of students
at San Mateo High School
invented a code so their
parents wouldn't know
what they were talking about.
They substituted numbers for words
and one of the numbers was 4 20
and it became so well known it
acquired a whole new set
of meanings like the
cop code for a grass bust
and purty soon everyone
had it figgered out.

A brilliant deduction, Holmes.
Nodding to it he replies
scratching his nuts
thinking it's his brains
rolled up and twisted
at the ends
too tight to light
but we got it lit
and we were lit too,
too high, too tight, just right
Outta sight dynamite
words take flight

who's the crook
who's the cook
you know where to look
four twenty in the book


Well I stood up on
my thoughts today,
Yeh, I got up
on this rock to say
Take me home
Take me home
in your special way
4 my bags are packed
on this 20 day

Take me down,
Take me down
to the river's edge
To hear Gospel John
slide with Sister Sledge
We'll meet and greet
on the water's waves
Callin' Janis and
Jimmy and the Purple Sage

Well it's 4-20 and we start the day
Yes it's 4-20 in our special way
Yeh it's 4-20 time to change the view
42-0 and the Truth Rings True

Whoop de doop goes the running scoop
It'll let you know when to piss and poop
It'll feed your baby and heat your soup
Till the 4-20 leaves and you fly the coup
Off I went to the Condor's tent
Blew my face till my mind got bent
Fell through the mix for the fortieth time
Sold my soul for a 4-20 rhyme