When St. Chrysostom lastingly defined the Fool in the third century as "he who gets slapped," the slapping had already been going on for some time. Dialogues from ancient Greece and Rome show professional buffoons like 'Philip the laughter-maker' topping philosophers who should know better, like Socrates. The best slapschtick was collected, and jest-books of routines and one-liners -- literal 'best hits' -- were treasured reading for the Fools on the banquet circuit. ...
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When I gave my talk in Eureka California the ex wife of a former manager of the Grateful Dead came up to me and in the course of our conversation revealedthe concert plans for this summer, strictly hush hush of course and I promised my lips were sealed but my father was a newspaper man and printer's ink runs deep so after letting the story percolate so long it was about to blow the top of my head off I decided it was turn it loose and let it blow.

They've returned to being the Grateful Dead and will be doing the AIRSHIP OF FOOLS Tour in which they invoke the spirits of Garcia and Kesey and Tupac. They will be rehearsing and recording all the songs at a hanger at the Eugene Airport and will launch the tour in Eugene from a platform hanging below a blimp with the sounds blasted down from speakers and a light show on the blimb.

They'll perform at night over towns all across the country all summer long and since there is no way of charging admission they will make money from the tour sponsor, Apple Computers, which will be selling special edition iPods preloaded with the GD tour songs. Apple will also be parachuting ten free iPods at every location down to the lucky recipients.

Invoking the spirit of Garcia they'll be doing Ship of Fools in the long extended version with new lyrics by the band, adding on to these lines:

"Went to see the captain,
strangest I could find,
Laid my proposition down,
laid it on the line.
I won't slave for beggar's pay,
likewise gold and jewels,
But I would slave to learn the way
to join your ship of fools. . . "


For Kesey they are doing Kesey's own song which he performed in England during the Where's Merlin tour, a piece of which is:

"What matters? The spirit is what matters. The spirit is what matters.
Lets whip it up, it's the spirit. It's the spirit, come on and share it,
it's the spirit come on and share it. Spirit, spirit, share it, share it.
It's the spirit, come one and share it.
We need to reaffirm who we are, we are not many, we will always be not many, we will never be the majority.... it was not meant for us to be the majority. We are a power....We are not the majority....We're the power of love. We're the power of love."

Invoking the spirit of Tupac Shakur is a new direction for the band and they are enthusiastically drumming up rap lyrics and tympanic background for the occasion. Here's a selection from one of the songs:

"teacher is trippin
his words are flippin
out his mouth drippin
like hot grease skippin
across the skillet dippin
through the class whippin
them in a frenzy zippin
through their minds and hippin
their addled brains into lippin. . .

in Whiskey Creek
the booze is weak
it is all greek
what we speak
inherited by the meek
extolled by the freak
'cept in his lore
where his dates
were left wanting more
jazz and less opera
for the soaps are a bore . . ."

Remember, it's a secret so keep it under your heart.

-- Capn Skyp