Last night in Eugene Oregon I attended one of the best outdoor concerts I've ever gone to. Lyle Lovett kicked it off and, well, Lyle is Lyle, Texas drawl, extolled the Oregon cowboys and the Oregon pickup trucks, but what a backup band! Mussel Shoals horns. Three men and Francine backup singers. Even a cello. The place was packed. The weather was perfect. A big half moon hovered overhead.


the backup singer

francine reed did a solo, belted it

Then Bonnie took the stage and the place erupted. Bonnie Raitt rocked for two straight hours, ranging from blues to African chants to rock and roll to Bob Marley, a plaintive lullaby with only a piano backing her, played by John Cleary, clearly one of the best keyboardest around, New Orleans all the way.


Pee Wee and another backup singer joined her, the horns came back on and finally Lyle joined in and the evening was complete, the crowd on its feet, arms waving, dancing in the aisle, the security goons gave up, let 'em dance.




"I ain't no porcupine . . . "***************"Take off your kid gloves . . . "

"Let's give them something . . . "***********"To talk about . . . "

"Are you ready for love?"
****************"We were born with our eyes wide open."

"Scatter it like diamonds . . . "**************"Wear it like an iron skin . . . "

"innocence . . . "

"magic . . . "

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