On Our Way To The


Thurs., Nov 13, 7:30, Tsunami Bookstore, Eugene OR
Sat., Nov 15, 2:15, U of O student union, Eugene, OR
Sun., Nov. 16, 4:30 pm--Bagdad Theater, Portland, OR

Wed. Nov. 19, 7 pm--Booksmith, 1644 Haight St., San Francisco, CA
Thurs. Nov. 20, 7 pm--Sebastopol Community Center, 390 Morris St, Sebastopol CA
Fri. Nov. 21, 7:30 pm--Books Inc., 301 Castro St., Mountain View, CA
Sat. Nov. 22, 8 pm--Cody's Bookstore, 2454 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, CA

Concurrent with the other activities, during the month of November there will be a showing at an art gallery in Eugene of the original artwork Kesey produced for his Jail Journal. These are big panels with collage, drawings and text on each one, something like fifteen total.

NOVEMBER 14, 15, AND 16




We need another vehicle or two, so far I have a list of about 30 people on the tour, or part of the tour.
The bus carries around 10-14 people unless riders are on top(in town only). I see that it will come down to ME to decide....or all 30 will try to squeeze in!
-- Zane

Capting---- Who,what,when,where,and how is the question. Not he least of these is "how". -----Phil advises bus rides are going like hotcakes. Will we/I be going to the Bay Area?---- I've got the time and the inclination,what I need is inspiration--- and a Bus Ride. ----- I'm busy making firewood too,with a brand new Stihl. Please advise.
-- James L. Whetstine

My advice is to talk to Zane about going on the bus becuz that is out of my jurisdiction, being an echo chainsaw guy myelf. Even if you don't fit on the bus there will be auxiliary vehicles going along which will take care of the overflow of which I think there will be a bunch. In the continuing search for the perfect word I am attempting to mine the meaning of inveterate and the dictionary is only a handsbreadth away but laziness is my middle moniker. stay attuned. first gig at tsunami's . . . approaching warp speed.

-- capn of the skyp

My bus is running well and can hold 10 to twenty people, but does not have any gas to get anywhere.
1960 Chevy Chassis Wayne body 27 Foot Ex-Travis Air
Force Base Military Transport Bus.
Engine-1970 Chev 350, 4V, 4-Bolt, 420hp.
Transmission-SM420 4-speed.
Independent Front Suspension with independent A-arms
and torsion bars.
Shocks front and rear.
Max Capacity-18,000 GVW
11 bias retreads.
Contents insured for $30,000.00. Registered as Motorhome.
Pasengers can legally drunk. 6 feet 6 inches of military headroom.
40W x 4 Alpine Cassette radio with equalizer amplifier and CD input.
Front Speakers 2X12 guitar cabinet for left channel, 8
inch woofer and 1 inch tweeter for the right channel.
Matched Sony bus stereo 6 inch speakers mounted in the rear.
Modified Cobra 29GTL 40 channel CB.
Cannot be serched without a warrant.
Prepped with white paint and ready for coloring.
Enourmous Metal front bumper.
Brakes? What? Really want to stop?
Really says go!
Driver is licensed and insured.
-- Simon

nize bus, let's use it. but can the driver leave home? the real driver update says nothing about his availability or his permission to travel
arf arf
-- capn skyp

As the tour approaches, and grows daily larger it seems, with ever more invitees and invitees' invitees, pleas for more vehicles to carry the multitudes, and drivers for the caravanning crowd, now estimated at 30 or more, one question comes to mind: has anybody talked to Wally & Rosanna about the hordes that are apparently about to descend upon their assumed hospitality? I have yet to talk to anybody who has said they have extended their invitation to the growing crowd. Just wondering . . . --geo

I think the plan is not to say anything to wally and roseanna but descend upon their place like the ravagin locust horde we will have become by that time after twenty or thirty hours packed in the bus like slaves on ships from africa; farting and sweating and hacking and begging for surcease as the sound system has been stuck on "They're coming to take me away" for the past 16 hours; full blast.
driver seems to be unperturbed.
-- capn skyp

Yup. I've been talking to Roseanna. We are definitely welcome, even at extended numbers. They've got a guest house they've been fixing up, and its floors can accomodate many. It has kitchen facilities, ample cookware (one among us -- Pat Mackay aka Chef Juke -- has already stepped forward and volunteered to arrange and prepare meals). Remember to bring sleeping bag and towel
-- David

Add pillow & inflatable (or SMALL foldable) pad. Also: WARM clothes for travel in cold drafty bus with minimal heater. We have already had snow, and temperatures in the teens; misery may love company, but this company does not love misery! Pack small, space is very limited.

this company embraces misery. has a working relationship with misery.
will endure misery long after misery has gven up and fled like a shitstorm blown out
-- capn skyp

Sorry! It won't happy again! Arrgh, man the ballasts pump the bilges
swill the grog
-- David

Arrgh, never apologize it's a sign of weakness so saith John Wayne
but he never did understand the mystery that is woman
-- capn skyp

The black & white Spitfurther/Jail Journal business cards are ready. There are enough cards to hand out to each and everyone man, woman, child, dog, cat, raccoon, wambat, football team, soccer team, police officer, fireman, health department official, gas station attendant, or anyone else the denizens on the bus can give them to...
-- Really

yas, cards to all
kudos to Really
flood the dikes
and swarm
the gates
leaving cards behind
and greetings upfront

-- capn skyp

Here's Zane, touching up the paint job on the bus, getting the old gal ready for the BookVenture 2003 tour,