Free the Further 5 Plus One! These are the stalwart lads who got busted coming across the Golden Gate Bridge for riding on top of the bus without seat belts fastened but there are no seat belts, officer! Doesn't matter, the Sarge says give you tickets and that's what you get!

Solidarity, that's the ticket, er that's six tickets. Five to the riders on top and one for the driver whose responsible for everything that happens, relieving the Capn of blame.

Shady Backflash, Pat Mackey, David Stanford, three of the famous Five Plus One.

Zane Kesey, a bit worried, and John Lackey, they'll never find him in Kentucky.

George Walker, the driver, not to worry, bus in one hand, pointing in the other direction with his other hand, they went that way, officer.

This in from "Free the Further Five plus One": My ticket ordered me to appear by Dec. 10, or face 6 months jail and $1,000 fine for failure. So I called to get bail, but they couldn't tell me, as I didn't have a Docket number. Of course, there was no "they" there, just a machine, with no "to talk to a human, push . . ." In desperation, I tried all the buttons on the phone, finally got a human after interminable wait, only to be told they couldn't tell me either, as the cop hadn't turned it in. I would get a docket number when they sent me a letter, in "about three weeks" (or after December 10, my appearance date), but don't worry, you will get a new date with your docket number and bail notice. Nervous, and not really trusting them, I kept calling, finally got the information: a Docket number, and bail: $143. I may have to plead not guilty. I have about $62 left from our travel fund, will use that toward bail if Viking doesn't pony up for this obviously legitimate expense. I heard that the $22 the cops told us would be the bail on the "no seatbelts" tickets for the other Five came in at double that, $44. Never trust a CHPatrolman? Free the One!

-- geo