When we were in San Francisco on the Bookventure tour, my wife and daughter and I stayed in the city and roamed the streets by foot and cable car and bus. We spent one day on the Haight and my daughter bought some neat clothes. We took the bus back to Union Square, downtown, near our hotel. We got off on Market Street. My wife said, "Where's your package?"

Our daughter was mortified. The package and the bus were disappearing down the street, heading to the Ferry Building. "I'll get it," I yelled and pulled my shoulder bag over my head and handed it to my daughter and took off running.

I huffed about ten yards before I heard my daughter behind me. "I'll get it, Dad." I turned and tripped and fell flat. She ran up my back, stomped my face into the sidewalk, dropped the shoulder bag on my head and sprinted away.

I raised up on my elbows. "Go girl, go," I hollered, proud of the young soccer player in great physical shape, darting between the cars as she crossed the street and weaved down the crowded sidewalk, quickly lost in the sea of pedestrians.

My wife came along and asked, "Do you think we'll ever see her again?" Sure, I replied, and we walked toward the Ferry building and it wasn't but a few minutes till we saw the triumphant daughter ambling our way, package swinging at her side.

-- Capn Skyp

Sitting on the sidewalk next to her table full of wares, she slept through the whole thing.


*Bob Faggen, Kesey biographer, is smiling because he knows he'll have the book finished in about five years.. Freddy Hahne, aka R We Really? is always smiling for he is one upbeat guy and a great San Francisco tour guide in his spare time. Unknown peacer signing becuz he has too big a grin to ever talk but that is for the good because when he does talk he doesn't stop.

Jamie, bassplayer in the sketches performed at the gigs. Kirk O'Green came from Detroit to record the whole thing and will be selling the results on the club site. Shady Backflash is Zane's pal who helps sell merchandise at the gigs and is a product purveyor on his own.

Mountain Girl is somewhat dubious about the whole thing but showed up loyally at every event and told good stories.*Don Groble is a skypilot from Chicago determined to make the bookventure scene and happy to be here.*Zane Kesey, the busmeister, looking forward to cleaning up the stray cups and bags of cookies and bread while tending his own goody businesses.

Just in from Ed McClanahan, the SpitFurther JailJournal Bookventure Tour wrapup. Ed, as you may recall, is the editor of Spit 7, "All About Kesey." He also wrote the introduction to Kesey's Jail Journal. He was the instigator and prognosticator and high mucky muck of the tour.

--dear spitsters, pranksters, geezers, and groupies of all ages, genders,
and persuasions--oh what a trip it was!

--we drew warm, enthusiastic SRO crowds at every venue, signed (and sold!)
lotsa books, and had ourselves a grand ole time besides--for starters, the
tsunami bookstore and the kesey symposium at the university of oregon
provided friendly, forgiving audiences (and no time constraints!), ideal
venues for testing our wings, trying things out, fine-tuning, figuring out
what worked and what didn't--so that by the time we got to portland for the
bagdad theatre gig, we were ready for that huge audience and, in short, we
nailed it--from then on we had the hang of it, and every show was better
than the last--

--babbs's skit-sketch-skitches were Best of Show every time out;
quintessential prankster hijinx infused with kesey's wit and wisdom,
performed with great joy and verve and gusto, like an old time music hall
routine--in general, the skitches were our opener, half-time act, and
closer, the glue that held our shows together--david stanford's
presentations of the Jail Journal (which usually followed the opening
skitch) were electrifying--then followed another skitch, then readings from
Spit, which varied from show to show, depending on who was on hand on any
given night--then the final skitch, with a rousing "evvvvverybody sing!"
rendition of Goodnight Irene to close out each show--

--here are some impressions, in no particular order: eileen and murphy and
anon, the three graces gracing us all with perfect readings every time
out--rosalie sorrels, Sweetheart of the Rodeo, at the bagdad,
reading/performing her stirring Last Go Round story and song--simon babbs's
band, which rendered us musical despite our geriatric tin ears--gus van
sant, wotta guy!--walt curtis, that lovely man--mike strelow's story about
burroughs and the peacock and the ice cubes--faye's moving little speech at
the unveiling of the statue in eugene--sterling lord, the fred astaire of
literary agents, onstage at the symposium, lookin' like a million--the
remarkable rev. gravy blessing us with his estimable presence once, twice,
thrice--scott mcdougall (he did Spit's cover, stupid!) turning up at the
bagdad, and (like gus and walt) signing a jillion books--babbs's and mg's
rockin' ad-lib stories about The Way It Were--donkeyshines!--chloe's
party--chloe's reading--chloe--roy sebern reading wavy's haiku in mtn.
view--special treat: wendell and tanya berry showing up at cody's--vic
lovell's fine reading--our quick visit to my friend susan macdonald in menlo
park--julius karpin!--carol provence!--caroline dahl!--show- stopper
readings by pat monaghan (twice!), and by stalwart mainstays george walker
and pat mackey time after time, and by roseanna lourdeaux at cody's
(voice-over for murphy's voice -over for happy)--chef juke's grand
breakfasts in wally and roseanna's splendid kitchen--the irrepressible,
indispensable freddy hahne--george's resolute steadfastness at the
wheel--our two-hour playover at the Exploratorium in sf--my personal
highlight: performing my little Jack the Bear song with my daughter annie
at cody's in berkeley--

--and of course the Spitster muse wouldn't have been at all satisfied if i
hadn't missed the bus at least once--would you believe the bastids drove off
and left me in a rest area parking lot on our way to portland?--i'd be there
still, i guess, a poor old geezbo picking through the rest area trash cans,
but for chaz fischer and john babbs, who were trailing the bus in a separate
car, and had stopped in the parking lot because chaz had dropped a lighted
cigar in his lap and nearly set his pants on fire ...

--even a potential major downer like getting busted on the golden gate
bridge for having five guys on top of the bus (pat mackey, zane, johnny
lackey, shady backflash, david stanford) quickly metamorphosed into
hilarity, and incidentally provided us with a great rallying cry: Free the
Further Five Plus One!--(the "One" being george, who also got busted because
he was at the wheel, ergo "responsible")--viking, bless its collective
heart, has agreed to go everybody's bail ($49 each for the Criminal Element
on top, $143 for Responsible George)--

--speaking of money matters, friends, a few of you are jammin' me up--as you
know, i sent out 55 checks for $55 each, but so far only 48 of them have
come back--so there seem to be seven oligarchs out there to whom 55 bucks
don't mean jack--maybe they're framing the checks?--having them
bronzed?--anyhow, i'd like very much to close out the Spit checking account
asap, and i'd appreciate it if you stragglers (you know who you are!) would
get off the dime, so to speak--again, if you don't want the dough, fer
crissakes send it to the statue fund:

Kesey Statue Fund
Lane Arts Council
99 W. 10th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97401

--the statue, by the way, is very beautiful, a real knockout ... but it
ain't paid for yet, so it's not too late to contribute--

--well, that pretty much wraps it up--if you haven't yet bought yourself a
copy of the Jail Journal, troops, do so immediately--when ken was in jail he
was writing at the very top of his game-- (after all, the journal was his
first sustained work after Notion, and he still had chops a-plenty)--no
bookshelf of his best work will ever be complete without it--

--finally, at the risk of repeating myself for the umpty-umpth time, i have
to say once more how immeasurably (and immodestly) proud i am of Spit, and
of everybody who had a hand in it--we've done, i think, a truly wonderful
thing--thank you all so much; you were great--love, xoxo, ed--