Remember, the mission is to touch all Skypilots with something and, at the end of the road, for the Mystery Box to head to Skyp HQ for the Capn's perusal. We'll be including a journal and a disposable camera which probably won't survive but hey art is not eternal.

Ambitiious stuff, but someone's got to fly the boat......

-- Wingman Nalaflow, AKA skypsec

Capn Skyp's Response: Hmm, a worthy worthless project for sure. Someone said each person should take something out of the box and put something else in, photographing the thing taken out. Send the photo to me. I'm not too keen on getting the perusal job at the end but guess I can deal with it in a creative way. Let the games begin.


The box is on its way as of tomorrow noon to Commander CrAsH in Cheeseviille. I've selected the following from the box for safekeeping here at Skyp Outpost 29: a box of fortune telling cards and a power crystal. At least these objects will ward off evil or the federales. The next outpost after Commander CrAsH has been determined via a Cray Supercomputer calculation and about 8 hops related beverages intermixed with the law of averages, Dark Star, and I just finally flipped a coin. So there you have it. The destination must of course remain top secret to all but the unworthiest of us all in order to promote leaks to normal humankind, to uptight to get it, in around or under it.

Somewhere in New York.........

Skypsec out


The Mystery Box has been opened and its contents viewed. Skypilot Magpye has done an exemplary job of starting this worthy worthless prank with googaws and bangles galore. Thus said I will do the following.

I will update the enclosed Mystery Box journal with whysical dabblings of my own and forward with additional objects of my own. Rule is take a few, add a few and write in the journal and take a picture. If you have a digital cam, forward the pics to the Cap'n, hopefully in compressed format to some extent. The box will leave this Skyp outpost by Saturday high noon.

Comannder CrAsH you've got the conn. Contact me via a secure channel when in receipt. I will forward the next destination which will be either somwhere in the northeast or the south.

Going dark here. fly on



It's a beautiful box Maggie. I brought it into the office to show one of my staff and she said let's open it. I said sorry the box must be examined and recorded under the strictest Skyp rules and then opened at an official Skypilot outpost.

Then I walked back to the car with it and another guy came walking up and kept looking at me and looking at me until he finally said "Damn that's a weird looking box". I responded in tribute to Duke," Well when the going get's weird, the weird turn pro". He just stammered and walked away. Homeland Security is probably looking for me now.

Remember this exchange occurred at Ft. Detrick home to USAMRIID and the hotline uplink to Russia and well basically Ground Zero.

Dayglo at doomsday field. Cools Beans.
-- Wingman Nalaflow, AKA Skypsec


The Mystery Box has reached Cheeseville, in Wisconsin intact. Commander CrAsH is processiing the parcel as we speak. All Skyp rules even though there are no rules are being observed.

Next stop somewhere at a Skyp outpost in NEW YORK.

Secure line terminated.

--Skypsec out.

From: Sean Redenz,
To: Alan Wolf

Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 13:15:44 -0700 (PDT)

Captain Nowhere has finally added his junk to the pile ending the Satilite Repair Teams contribution, last night was the first attempt for the Red Phone Fetish to take a gander as a group. We have kicked a few ideas around and the box should be ready for flight by friday or saturday. Awaiting address.

Commander CrAsH

Commander CrAsH,

You and Captain Nowhere may forward the box to Skypsec Annointed Pilot Lazy R
Woodstock, New York

Make sure you write in the journal and forward any pic to Capn Skyp at headquarters.

Secure line terminated. Skypsec out.


Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 15:57:34 -0400

The mystery box has arrived at the abode of Skypilot Lazy R in New York. Full details to follow once the box is opened with ceremony and gazed upon.


Mystery falls on this gloomy fall day
Seems to be the word and the way
A prank and some dayglo will make me say
The Mystery Box is coming your way.
Mission is to take something leave something and
write in the journal.

From: Rogernlazoff

Yes, the box is about ready to go. Improved, if I may say so, by a day-glo painting of the inside by Pilot 64. She kept the girly thing- pill box. I took a CD. Pretty good for a garage band. When
Dead bands come around, I get to hang out so I have many years of trinkets. I'm looking for
my last stick-on friend of the band pass. Looking forward to tracing the route of the box,

-- Skyp. 57 out

Ah yas, the Mystery Box, all the way from Yreka, California, to Wisconsin, to New York, and now has fallen into the hands of another Marylander, the Queen.
Peruse it at will, it's a hearty box. It calls me since it's so close, but I will ignore its beacon. Ahh just one more glimpse...
No it cannot be.
The box must go to its next location by Thanksgiviing or shortly thereafter. Contact me for the next destination.
-- Skypsec out.

From: Sarah Hammond aka Trailer Queen

Touchdown!!! The box has landed, I repeat... the box has landed. If I don't tidy it up a bit, there will be no room for future trinkets. So, after I tidy it up and take it to a few shows, it will be ready for takeoff.

'll give you just a glimpse....

The box is on its merry way.
I buttoned up its sweater and kissed it goodbye today at the UPS dropoff.
Scheduled to arrive in Canton, CONN around Dec. 12th.

Farewell, Box O' Mystery...

-SkiPi Darrin

Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005
From: Darrin Brenner-Rolat

I got The Box today!!! Whee! My daughter, myself and my friend Dan who showed up just as the box did had a great time perusing the contents. We all found something to well as something to give. Wrote in the journal (no camera in there however), added some grateful decorations to the already highly adorned package and sealed it back up.

Was a very cool thing...kinda like taking a little peek into the minds and personalities of SkiPi's near and far. Sharing our shit...spreading little bits of treasure here and about. Now I just need to know where to send it next. As soon as I get the address...and to the Post Office, it will be on it's merry way.


To the Gunsallus family in the East


Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2006 11:42:17 EST

Here are some pics. We put all our pics on a disc to go along with the box.

-- Sandy


The Mystery Box has once again traversed the continent and is back safe and sound in Oregon. Skypilot Rocket Rich is about to open the box once again in a highly secure remote Skyp outpost.

From Rocket Rich in Oregon to the Taylors in San Francisco.

The box arrived in fine fanfare. We immediately slapped a ritual together, complete with a reading and conviviality to spare.
Here's the first set of pics.


Still life with queen. Before opening the box, a ritural reading from Last Go Round.
Now I got the candle, where did I put that hooded cape?



The Mystery Box has departed Menocino California and is headed north to Wild Bill Hancock, in Washington state.

FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 2006

What's this? The mystery box coming to my house? That wasn't supposed to happen for a long time. It still had eighty or niney skypilots to roam through before it came to me, the last stop on its journy. Okay, here it is, so let's look at it.

My wife sliced it open while I took the pictures. Interesting stuff. A journal everyone wrote in. I leaned in for a better look. My head started spinning.

It wasn't the 45 Elvis record made me spin, it was the smell hit my nose like a blast of gas and I don't mean nitrous, this was so powerful my legs went to rubber, I went down, everything went blotto and I was back to Hellandgone where we were camping and I spilled the acid on my hand and licked it off and was highstepping all over the place whooping like an owl, barking like a mule, screeching like a duck, lambasting like a pontificator, elevating like a helicopter, crashing like a rock, twitching like a defibillator, scaring everyone so bad some weishenheimer would-be medic stuffed pachouli up my nose and that sent me running screaming into the woods not to be seen for three days until I crawled back, not a pretty sight, so it was no wonder when I got the whack of pachouli from the mystery box that I went ass over teacups.

I got out my haz maz gear and gas mask and shoved everything back in the mystery box and took it outside as far from the house as I could get and there it sits, awaiting its next incarnation.

Now the Box goes to Wingman Nalaflow for final disposal