Zane Kesey is having a bus painting party at the Kesey Farm, not a total repaint but a cleanup and touchup, and is asking for volunteers to come help.

Zane says, "The bus is looking tattered and dim, so I am having a bus-paint party throughout the week. Maybe you can spread the word, or show the progress on the website.

"Have people email me for details...and rules."


Some spectacular paint has been added to the bus so far, really brightening the 'ol girl with vibrant colors. Places have been fixed where color and designs fallen apart or faded to near unrecognizing with steady hands replacing the colors. Today we have a few special guest artists who will be bringing their own designs to needed areas.

The weather says some rain today. We have the bus inside today with long extension chords bringing some light. Hopefully we can pull it out when it isn't raining. So far it has been dry today. I may extend the painting throughout the week as it looks like it is sunny all week beginning halfway through Sunday.

Many have discovered the zen of finding a spot on the bus to work on...and just listening to her purr!! There is nothing like it! Come join us over the next few days! Some spectacular photographs have been taken...come out and play!

Old bus in all its glory)

If someone has a battery powered music source it would be nice. Also if someone is coming from town and might be able to pick up some colors, please call...I will pay!

Rainbows are sprouting...and sparks are flying!


MONDAY, JUNE 21, 2010

Some amazing progress spiffing up the bus so far, a crack crew has been forming! At least one or two more painting days. I hope to put clear on the bus Tuesday.

Our "rainy" Saturday was 100% sunshine, with rain ALL around us!!!!

TUESDAY, JUNE 22, 2010

I am hoping today we can finish with painting so that the clear coat can go on tomorrow. We still need to touch up a few areas. Yesterday I repainted the Yellow Brick Road...whew, that was scary! Today will likely be black outlines and some final highlights and fixes....

Maybe a few more last minute "artistic" additions?



Our two "ringer" (professional live event painter girls) were up all night trying to finish the last section. They were weary this morn as I came to do a clear coat. They still want to finish the back of the bus before I clear, so I will wait till tonight or tomorrow. I am excited for everyone to see their painting they did on top of the bus!!!... WOW, they spread so much talent over it!

If anyone wants to help me clear this evening, call me...I will need a hand.

keep yer brushes clean, and your colors bright!



Many have expressed interest in chipping in to clean up the bus/bus barn and maybe a maiden drive to reward the helpers.

I have church on Saturday, So maybe we can start the work party around 1:30.
As a general rule, please don't come to the farm unless I am there.

There is loads to do.

Unmask and clean up the stuck on masking tape...this may be difficult and involve some kind of solvent that cannot touch the paint.
Re-install all of the parts that were removed. Again this will need to be a careful operation. Some gluing may be involved.
Removal of the astro-turf on the back platform, and hopefully reinstalling new turf (can anyone pick some up? I will pay)
Clean out the bus barn some, and hopefully, finally sealing the birds out.
Huge dump run. Does anyone have a pickup?
Someone to take all the returnable bottles away

group pictures of the bus helper??
If we actually do a bus ride after this is finished, it will be slow and short as the paint is still curing and I don't want bugs smashed into it.

My Rules:
This is a one time chance for pictures (and hopefully a ride)... One day only!! Otherwise you can wait till is is out and about for pictures etc.
This is only for those that have come out and helped fix/paint the bus over the last week. You know who you are, I know who you are.
Bus ride is only after the bus and bus barn are done.
I reserve the right to say no to anyone.
No kids, No dogs (unless they are OK in the car)
This is a work party, not a "party"...You can come if you want, or not...either is fine and understandable.
If you show up way late, you can help a little, take some pictures etc...but maybe not a bus ride?

...sorry, I just gotta have rules. So far they have been very useful.

Have a fantastic day.


ps...For those that have helped and can't make it, THANK YOU! She is really grateful and smiling!! We couldn't have done it without you!

For a whole load of pics of the painting, click on: