FEBRUARY 8, 2006

A fullup Cassady section

For all you afficiniados and fans and estudiantes, for more great Cassady stuff go to Zane Kesey's website and look through his offerings:

Spit 6, The Cassady Issue, a short book chock full of stories about Cassady, plus more.

The Kool Place DVDs. Part one and Part two of the orignal bus films, with Cassady throughout.

Neal Cassady In The Backhouse. A DVD of a film of Neal Cassady yakking and moving.

The Drive Tapes. Two CDs of Cassady rapping with the drive music behind him.

Neal At The Wheel. Two CD's of Cassady rapping while driving the bus, Further.

Two Cassady T shirts with his picture.



Helvetica and I drove back from the Sierra Foothills to North Beach arriving at 7:30pm where John Cassady was holding court in the newly opened Beat Museum on Upper Grant between Green and Vallejo streets. Schuster and Julius attended. John and Jami Cassady recounted some amusing stories about Neal from their youth. The most memorable was Jami describing dad Neal driving her to ballet class, with no brakes. Her description of the other mother's astounded, shocked looks when Neal pulled up and dropped off his daughter were apparently priceless. John described the bets the tire shop guys placed every morning on where Neal would end up parking the brakeless Oldsmobile upon arriving at work.

Wavy Gravy attended and also recounted some fun Neal stories the best of which was Neal, Wavy and Tiny Tim driving on the east side highway in New York. Tiny Tim sitting in the back seat saying... "Mr. Cassady, pleasssse slow down."

There was a really cool birthday cake for Neal's 70th birthday made by the shop next door. It was in the shape of a small suitcase with Neal and Kerouac's photo on the front. The cake was inside one of the glass cases and it looked so real everyone thought it was an original suitcase from Kerouac until they had a cake cutting ceremony.

The Beat Museum is a rustic large room with many photos and posters adorning the walls. There are many photos, videos, cds, DVDS, and books for sale. The room has the beat feel.

It was great to be there.

Freddy Hahne




Wednesday February 8th is the 80th anniversary of Neal
Cassady's birth. Come celebrate in North Beach with
"Dean Moriarity's" friends and family. Carolyn and
Neal's daughter Jami and son John Allen will be on
hand as will many North Beachers who knew Neal well
from the '50's and the '60's. Refreshments will be
served. Gifts are not expected but memories are

The Beat Museum
1345 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133

Drive backwards. I remember a story John Cassady relayed about Neal driving in reverse while having a conversation with someone going forward. Figured I'd give it a try.

So with Skyp cap mounted on said large head, I headed out for one Goldmine Road, a backroad here near the Heights, wooded, and not much chance of me running over someone. Pulled up, gave her a 3 point turn and off we go. Backwards.

I figured I'd just use the mirrors. worked just fine.

Came around a bend and saw a fellow walking his dogs. slowed down and stopped for a chat.

"Howdy, beautiful morning!"

"I seen you come around that bend in reverse. Is something wrong with your transmission?"

"Well now you understand, this transmission is calibrated for 180 degree lateral adjustments on the fly, and I was just making sure she was ripped for the trip."

"You'd better be careful with that thing you could get hurt"

"Sir, the Intrepid Traveler hisself, told me to check out the space drive on this vehicle, and besides it's Neal Cassady's birthday. Ahem to you sir!"

"Why you're nuts!"

"Yessir, nuts it is, Planters, unsalted and dry roasted. Have a good day glo and light a candle for Neal!"

Gave her some gas and continued to the end of the road. Another 3 point turn and homeward bound.

Passed him again in forward. Gave him a Dali smile and wished him a good day.

-- Wingman Nalaflow


A continuing mp3 sound blast, where Neal Pome 1 ends off. (with background by Lost Creek)

 he was irrepressible

it had something to do
with making movies
he said he was so ugly
that when he was born
the doctor slapped his mother
Of course this story sounds familiar
He had hundreds of them

Cassady offered wrigley's chewing gum
to both the provocateur FBI guys
and the enraged protestors

it is tongue in cheek
and tongue sticking out, both.
we has caught lots of shit
from everyone

we laffed too hard
and drank too much
and smoked too much
and had too good a time


dust storms from mescalined
dancers rose to the darkened sky
lightning rim shots
of their pleased god

the American spirit
that has been passed down
from the founding fathers
through the literature of Melville,
the transcendentalism of Emerson,

spinning to the music of the spheres,
alive in the laughter of secretaries
sharing lunch on a park bench,
alive in the swirls of paint
splashed on a canvas by the sea,

a wild turn
of spontaneity in tribal dance,
uninhibited jazz, nonsensical word raps
and other unfettered reaching of the spirit




" Now, eyeball kicks are among the world's greatest, second to none actually in terms of abstract thought, because it is thru the way you handle these kicks that is what determines your particular conclusion (in abstraction of the mind) to each moment's outlook. Rememberance of your life & your eyeball view are actually the only 2 immediate first hand things your mind can carry instantly." (letter from Cassady to Kerouac, Sept 10, 1950)

-- Yours, CB Rollins

Neal Pome 1

(short version)

 Ever hear of Neal Cassady?
the Beat Generation legend
Best friends with Jack Kerouac
On the Road was Jack's book
and Cassady was the character
named Dean Moriarity,
the man who bridged time
between the Beats, the Pranksters
and the Psychedelic Revolutionaries

the rear end went out
of his jeep station wagon
and he spent all weekend
repairing it while the
neighborhood croquet game
went on around him

"how embaraskin," said Popeye
the sailor man
but that's what I get
for smoking my sox

Cassady said, I can't imagine
going anywhere
without a destination
Kesey told him, your destination
is already made and Cassady said
I'm feeling better, doctor.

who is J.B.?
He is Kesey, the Chief,
the head of the pranksters

-- Capn Skyp

To hear an mp3 sound file of the Neal Pome with backgrounds by djiembe, guitars, keyboards courtesy of the old and in the way one



38 years since the Fastest Man Alive passed. I was twelve then two days past my birthday. Even then I knew of him. A hero to all that recall. I wish I'd had the honor. You were lucky to have had him in your midst.

Oh Holy Goof you are missed, yet remembered after all of these years. Drive that '47 Pontiac forward, never look back. But then again you were never looking back then.

In tribute, gone, but yet if you look to your left in the blink of your eye, you may catch a glimpse of him, still talking and gyrating, ever Houlihan, ever Moriarty, ever, but ever Neal.

We miss your spirit.

What was that thing Wavy Gravy said? "Ten things at once, nothing twice. He's probably reincarnated as a tortoise down at the San Diego Zoo."

-- Wingman Nalaflow


It is said that the spirit of Cassady was brought across the border on the bottom of the sneakers of a Mexican farmworker and has since spread all across the country.

-- Capn Skyp