DAY, DECEMBER 11, 2005


Steve, Nate, Craig, Larry, Tom

The playing lineup is:

* Craig Marshall: Lead Guitar & Vocals

* Nate LaPointe: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals & Pedal Steel

* Larry Ryan: Bass Guitar & Vocals

* Tom Ryan: Organ, Harmonica & Vocals

* Steve Harris: Drums, More Drums & Vocals




Doing our yearly bugout to escape the Oregon chill, my wife and I are going to Santa Monica for a few days. I told Skypilot Darrin we'd be down there and she set me up with a guest appearance playing with the band, Cubensis. Next thing you know the gig became a full blown acid test fortieth year anniversary party. Here's a piece of the poster Darrin created:




Remember the guys came to interview me for the History Channel? Lance and Gallo and Reno? They live in the Venice California environens and except for Gallo, they were there with open arms welcoming my wife and me into their lairs. Gallo was gone for the holidays. Reno and his wife were staying. Lance and his wife and daughter were leaving the day after we got there and they very graciously invited us to stay at their apartment while they were gone.

Lance on the left, the Capn in the middle, and Reno on the right, out on the boardwalk in Venice, having a bite. The Capn and Lance in front of the gallery where Lance and his wife had some artwork on exhibit at the Venice Art Show.

Reno drove us around in his pedicab which he put together himself. Here he is with his wife, Dianne. We spent a day with them on the beach, swimming, yes, in the ocean, and badminton on the beach, then in the evening a movie, Walk The Line, followed by Mexican Food. Thank you Lance and Lisa and Reno and Dianne.

Olympia, the kickboxer kid, daughter of Lance and Lisa and that is Lisa, yes. Reno and Dianne in their kitchen, having fixed a great lunch.

Okay, join the throngs delayed for hours at airports and inside planes and when debarked, don't forget to hold a seminar strictly for the birds.

Here's skypilot Darrin, our tremendous graphic artist, the one who set up the whole thing with Cubensis.

 just when you think
you're on easy street
there's Jehovah Witnesses
at the door
stamping their feet on the floor
not much rhythm
but you've gotta dance with them
I told them
you don't pray that
God is on your side
you pray that
you are on God's side
or as Kesey's dad told us
don't unscrew the unscrutable

leaning to the right
playing the potato
a tune outta sight
I yam what I yam
I guess that's all right
I gargle with mouthwash
I gurgle with songs
the cow eats the grass
the bull's balls clang
like hollowed out brass
and I blow smoke outta my ass

Page Browning hung around
the coffee shop in Palo Alto
and he brought Garcia and the guys
over to Perry Lane to meet Kesey

Kesey called them
a bunch of hairy musicians
sometimes the vision,
the sign, comes in the funniest,
most unexpected things
like a leaf falling from the tree
into my open gaping mouth
sucked down my throat
gagging and coughing
doing the hind lick manure
ah what a flash
or as Garcia said,
that's it for the other one

putting off the inevitable
works for a while
and then there the inevitable is
for to see backwards
is to know
more about time
than you care to remember

 the "acid test" was a thinly-veiled excuse
to show samples of the movie
the pranksters had filmed on their bus trip.
Certain unknowns placed a garbage can
full of Kool Aid in the middle of the floor
and people helped themselves to the brew.
The Merry Band of Pranksters was actually a band playing a form of non verbal communication.
They set up at one end of the hall.
At the other end the Grateful Dead
played rock and bluegrass
and psychedelic wanderings.
Sometimes both bands played together.
 The Dead was the engine
that drove the ship
It's still the function of the music
you don't just get off on the music
you let the music drive you
as you do the work
cloudy mumblings and utterings
rainbow spiraled imaginings
and wistful dreams
"spitfurther", they wrote
on a bus of some note
no meaning to denote
jus' reciting by rote

 Ever hear of Neal Cassady?
the Beat Generation legend
Best friends with Jack Kerouac
On the Road was Jack's book
and Cassady was the character
named Dean Moriarity,
the man who bridged time
between the Beats, the Pranksters
and the Psychedelic Revolutionaries
The drug agents weren't impressed
They called him Johnny Potseed
and he did two years
for two joints
and when he got out
he drove to
Kesey's house on
Perry Lane across the street
from the Stanford golf course
talking all the time
and never repeating himself once,
 he slammed to a stop
the rear end went out
of his jeep station wagon
and he spent all weekend
repairing it while the
neighborhood croquet game
went on around him
and he enlightened them
with mystifying quips
we're fourth dimensional beings
inhabiting a three dimensional body
living in a two dimensional world
black and white, good and evil
with a touch of grey
Could this be the revolution
Could music stir the grassroots
Could this be a repeat
yes, things will be different
when I play my rhapsody

 I was in NROTC
and that's how I got
my commission
in the Marine Corps
I didn't want to be aboard a ship
and ended up doing time on
the USS Princeton, a flat top
full of helicopters and marines
my local barber once gave me
a real bad haircut
he called, "the princeton",
and unfortunately for me,
it was his 50th year of cutting hair
and the photographer
from the local paper was there
and that's how my mug
ended up on the front page
"how embaraskin," said Popeye
the sailor man
and of course the haircut
was a flat top
so flat you could land
a helicopter on it
my dog has two great big balls
and did you know
the word for avocado
means testicle because
it looks like one
but you know what they say
about a one balled president
there ain't no dog
in there at all

 ancestral memories
and brain damaged cells
are taking their toll
from living life on a roll
see that my grave is kept clean
so my story can be seen
through a glass bottom box
when I sleeps with the fishes
make sure I get all my wishes
and don't have to wash
those dirty damn dishes
that gut-sinking feeling
hits me so strong
my liver is reeling
 but that's what I get
for smoking my sox
a real no-high
and that is the pox
I can't eat bagels and lox
Instead I'll hide them all in a box
I do not like
them Sam what I Am
I do not like
those eggs and that ham
what I likes is me spinach, not yam
and that is why I yam what I yam.

 time reversed course
did I say the wolf howled?
learn it by rote
that hope will float
and you too
will pass the cubensis test
The appropriate destination
is the skypilot's goal
now where is that map
I got most of the feathers off
but the tar is real stubborn
and I'm thinking
where does your fist go
when you stand up
 for more than money
for more than flesh
more than TV
more than motels
more than power
more than cars
and there's still room for love.
What is this doing to me
making me think making me wonder
oh woe oh bliss give me a kiss
or as Kesey said,
the only real currency
is that of the spirit

-- Capn Skyp