FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 2002


David Nelson, himself.

Unexpectedly, surprisingly, a between gigs respite, in the backwoods backwater yard of Zion and his wife, on the spur of the moment occasion of a barbecue dinner for a small group of friends, the David Nelson Band played an acoustical musical accompaniment to small children bouncing balloons, couples chattering merrily, beer quaffed happily, salmon chewed gustily.

Here's Barry, tremendous guitar player, sings as well, as do all the members of the band.

Cap'n Ken, somewhat subdued, but eager to don his mantle as Trombone Man, blat and bleep to the acoustical sounds in

somewhat a 30's style jazz rendition of bluegrass melodies.

Now, Bill, down below there, he played a long time with Marmaduke in the New Riders band, lives in Santa Cruz but it's so durned expensive what with all the Silicon Valley dot com millionaires jacking up the housing costs he's thinking seriously about moving, but not now. Right now he's thinking seriously about the strong bass riffs he be laying down while adding his voice to the song.

Where's that accordian player, that drummer, that also a singer, that guy got only one microphone he hasta keep pushing down to cover his accordian, then pull up to cover his voice; ah here he is, Mooky himself:

Dave and Mookie

Tim, he be the sound man for the band.

John Swan, who brought his P.A. system for the band to use. Wore him out, temporarily of course.

Simon Babbs, drove the P.A. gear to Saginaw in his Chevy bus, very happy that it is running well, quite pleased with the whole setup, he'll last the whole night.

Michael, you remember his dad, played guitar for Quicksilver. Michael works with the David Nelson Band and helped set up this dinner and music scene.

Okay, David, great seeing you again, great musical evening, per usual, now go knock them dead in Portland and Hood River and see you at the Hollywood Taxi in Springfeld, Oregon this coming Friday night. Adios for now.

Let's see if a sound file of one of the songs works:

-- This dispatch brought to you by Cap'n Ken

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