This War Started When they Stole the Election
Thou shalt NOT kill applies to Iraqi civilians, too!
If War is the Answer, We're asking the Wrong Question
Preemptive Peace
Killing Innocent People is the Problem, Not the Solution
Don't Send My Kid To War -- I don't own an SUV!
Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21)
Silence = Consent
Let's Change the Bill of Rights to the Bill of What's Left
Skool Not War
We Don't Want Their Blood on Our Hands
War is Way Stupid!
The Proper Use of Duct Tape (Bush picture, tape over mouth)
Brains Not Bush
Got Terror? (cartoon of Bush with blood on his upper lip)
Govt's Say WAR, But the People say PEACE!
Inspections work! War won't!
War Budget Leaves Every Child Wounded
Pride goeth before a fall
How did our oil get under their sand?
I'm Pro-Peace, And I Vote!
Feed Bush Ecstasy
Vie La France (Over French flag)
If you're not outraged, you're not paying Attention
Bush and Dick: So Make Love, not War
Regime Change Begins at Home
Triplets for Peace More Candy, Less War (On buggy carrying triplets)
Will They Ever Forgive Us?
Drop Bombs Not Bush
War is Passe'
Preemptive Strike My Ass!
Make Tea, Not War (Some Brits among us)
Terror lies in the Bushes
War is Not Cool, War is Cruel (Carried by high school kids)
A Bush, a Dick and a Colon--No Wonder We're Screwed
Peace is Patriotic
Preemptive Strikes are Un-American
George said, I cannot tell a lie--Those were the good old days
War accomplishes NOTHING!
Practice Compassionate Impeachment
Real Men Fight Their Own Wars
I asked for universal health care and all I got was a lousy stealth bomber
Another War Dog for Peace (Strapped on a leashed Pit Bull)
Sponge Bob for Peace (Carried by mother with five year old)
War? Not in Our Name!
Liar! Liar! If there're no smoking gun, How come my pants are on fire?  (With Bush picture)
I'm not on Your Side, George (Over a picture of Jesus)
You're Not on my Side, George (Over a picture of Jesus)
This sign is for the millions who agree with us who couldn't be here.
Check Out My Clever Slogan

Finally, a homemade one of a sad looking mother of about 45:
Michael R. Conner, Staff. Sgt. USMC Born July 13, 1958 Died Jan. 26, 1991 Desert Storm. 
Michael R. Conner, Jr. Sgt. USMC Born March 8, 1980 Died ???

Our President dismisses the significance of the demonstrators and their signs. It's true, of course, that we want a president who acts from conscience and is not influenced by every fad or breeze of opinion. But we want the president's conscience "informed" and serving the country in tune with what makes justice and peace. 

We believe that preemptive military strikes against dictators we don't like that will kill thousands of innocent civilians are immoral and anti-American. We think that the failure to increase and toughen UN inspections for WOMD is irresponsible. To start a war that may play into the hands of Osama bin Laden, especially without the support of allies whom we'll need once the dust has settled, strikes us as plain stupid.

Grace and peace,

Duke and Barbara

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