pics by andy vertal
***********************Brian Chevalier and Walker T. Ryan

Bogged down with all the sounds from the fourth but if you want to order your FOR TA JULY OH 3 CD now you can certainly do so merely by sending a ten spot if you are a skypilotclub member (include your card number) and 12 bucks if you are not a member.

81774 Lost Creek Road
Dexter OR 97431

More info will be fourth coming (get it, fourth?) as to what is on the CD etcetera etcetera.

Meanwhile, here's some more pics, courtesy of Andy Vertal. One of the traditions is to fire off the cannon, a hailing cannon from the U.S. Navy, used to fire a line across from one ship to another so as to haul over the heavier line and send over a bosun's chair or an oil line or the mail bag and movie cans.


There's Chuck, cannon owner, tamping and there's Capn Skyp lighting the fuse.


Fire it off, Swan signals, go, man, go, and Capn Skyp goes before it blows.


And blow she did, to the surprise of all at its loudness and boom.

MONDAY, JULY 7, 2003

Hours of sound tapes to plow through from the fourth of july barbecue and birthday party but getting there, getting there. Also more photos have come in from Andy Vertal and here they are:


That's Walker T. Ryan, blues man extraordinaire in distance and up close.


Eli, Chuck, Phil and Terry talk while Capn Skyp watches Swan riff out.


Hagen has his opinion, personal, and Izzy has the rhythm, not uptight at all.

Skypilots doing the Feng Shui Bluey



*****Here's Phil and George sharing a moment while M.G. looks on.


Ian came all the way from San Diego and Bob Whitman from nearby Eugene.


Andy, the harp player, getting ready while Steve and Kerns carry the flag.


Simon, dah man on dah controls, and Gene Anthony, the photographer.

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