String Cheese Incident comes to Eugene, Oregon for great show: CHEESERS

Pictures and story of the Fire Camp and Blackberry Jam: FIREJAM

Feng Shui contest and poems and winners: FENGSHUI

Pictures and story of the 4th of July, 2002: FOURTH

Old prankster and hog farmer, Paul Foster dies: PAUL FOSTER

Two Sheldon Oregon High School students interview the Capn: SHELDON

Story by Babbs about Kesey's quirky magic skills: SLEIGHT

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Three stories by Babbs, two of them including Kesey: BABBSIANS

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Capn Skyp, first mate and cabin girl in search of the perfect beach: SEARCH

Did a whole section on remodeling with pics and skycaptions: REMODEL

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The hack attack on the skypilotclub website in all its gory detail: HACKED

Not your typical fall weekend, but one full up with activity: WEEKEND

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Capn Skyp and son, Simon One, go on BabyStuff mission: BABYSTUFF

Field Trip 2002 with the Skypilots and Dave Nelson Band: FIELDTRIP

Dave Nelson Band on the grass in Saginaw, Oregon: SAGINAW

Dave Nelson Band at the Hollywood Taxi in Springfield OR: TAXI

The Bonnie Raitt and Lyle Lovett Concert in Eugene, Oregon: CONCERT

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