If you haven't seen the movie, Big Fish, go rent the vidie and watch it cuddled up on the couch some evening. I'd never heard of it but someone said it was good and now I am a convert. Imagination run wild, great casting and acting and a tremendous story with what is lacking in most movies: a well written, well spoken narrative.

Billy Crudup, director Tim Burton and Jessica Lange. Crudup and Albert Finney

Steve Busceni as a bank robber, inept. Tim Burton and Ewan McGregor.

Without revealing the plot I'll merely say it roams through a family's life in Alabama from prior to the Korean War, up to now with some scenes that are downright hilarious and one particularly in Korea that is a marvel of filmmaking.

-- capn skyp



Do you think we can get in okay? Hey, here's Guido, he'll let us in.

The Heart of Gold Band, from a Grateful Dead song. Donna Jean is the lead singer. She was married to Keith Godchaux, the Dead keyboardist, and was the singer with the band back in the day of the 1972 Field Trip in Veneta, Oregon.

Zane decided to bring the thunder machine and play along with the band but there wasn't enough room on the stage so he set it up in the lobby, providing a bunch of drumsticks with rubber balls on the ends, let the peoples play the machine.

The old Capn pitches in on the trombone and during the break inside the theater there's a cacaphony of concerto mucha de la goofiness in the lobby, entrancing the minions escaping the concert, looking for . . . what? A secret, as Hagen and Swan are quietly describing over the radiophone, drawing even more curious onlookers.

The Green Room, the schmooz room for the regale of a tale or two with the girls and M.G. and Hagen and convincing us that, yes, we were there in 1972.

"Yes, we were there, but were you?" Hagen wants to know and the girls can laugh at that for they are be here now fans and when you say, in dee day, dis be dee day.

Here's Sue and Chuck Kesey, owners of the Springfield Creamery and do you know they were the ones who put on the concert in Veneta in 1972. Tis true, howdeedo.