MONDAY, MAY 30, 2005

graphic by Darrin Brenner-Rolat


Well, this is a switch. Memorial Day falls on the old traditional Memorial Day, May 30th, from from the time when holidays weren't moved to Monday in order for a 3 day weekend but who's complaining? Yeah, who is that in the background grousing, always got something to put the big mouth on, yada yada yada, put a cork in it, we gots more important things to do, like go up to the cemetery and put a flag on Page Browning's grave, he was a veteran although his official U.S. Gummint headstone as him as a World War Two Veteran, got to be the youngest guy ever to serve in that war, har har, laffing all the way to his grave, deep subject as it is but like Digby O'Dell the friendly undertaker says, "Guess I'll be shoveling along."

-- Capn Skyp

In La Honda, 1964, when we were painting the bus getting ready to take it to Madhattan for the publication party of Kesey's SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION, and also attend the World's Fair, Page was hanging around wanting to do something so Kesey gave him a can of white paint and told him to go around back and paint the porch.

A while later Page reappeared and Kesey asked him, "Did you paint the porch?" and Page said, "Yeah, and I had some paint left over so I painted the BMW, too."