Ever hear of Neal Cassady?
the Beat Generation legend
Best friends with Jack Kerouac
On the Road was Jack's book
and Cassady was the character
named Dean Moriarity,
the man who bridged time
between the Beats, the Pranksters
and the Psychedelic Revolutionaries
The drug agents weren't impressed
They called him Johnny Potseed
and he did two years
for two joints
and when he got out
he drove to
Kesey's house on
Perry Lane across the street
from the Stanford golf course

the rear end went out
of his jeep station wagon
and he spent all weekend
repairing it while the
neighborhood croquet game
went on around him
and he enlightened them
with mystifying quips
we're fourth dimensional beings
inhabiting a three dimensional body
living in a two dimensional world
black and white, good and evil
with a touch of grey

"how embaraskin," said Popeye
the sailor man
but that's what I get
for smoking my sox

a real no-high
and that is the pox
I can't eat bagels and lox
Instead I'll hide them all in a box
I do not like
that spanish and ham
what I likes is me spinach, not yam
and that is why I yam what I yam.

Cassady said, I can't imagine
going anywhere
without a destination
Kesey told him, your destination
is already made and Cassady said
I'm feeling better, doctor.
You don't wanna put yer mouth on it
is what hemingway tole his boys
double barrelled earnest advic
sometimes the load gets heavy
other times it is a feather
blowing in the happy wind

here we are
laughing and giggling
and peeing all over ouselves in glee
or, as Cassady once said,
no one was ever happy, angry

who is J.B.?
He is Kesey, the Chief,
the head of the pranksters
and why Cassady called him J.B.
is beyond me

-- Capn Skyp