it had something to do
with making movies
he said he was so ugly
that when he was born
the doctor slapped his mother
Of course this story sounds familiar
He has hundreds of them
he's everywhere!
still is, irrepresible
we roam every night
adventures outtasight

At the Vietnam Day peace rally
Cassady offered wrigley's chewing gum
to both the provocateur FBI guys
and the enraged protestors
"Walked away
from another one, Chief,"
Cassady said.

we has caught lots of shit
from everyone
but what the hell,
it's all good clean american fun,
and we laffed too hard
and we drank too much
and we smoked too much
and had too good a time
doing the bunnyhop polka
around the parking lot
with a scantily clad carhop
on rolla skates
while Wolfman Jack howled
in unison to a three minute reverb
of Mexican hallelujah choruses
in the Sierra Madre de Cristo foothills
and dust storms from mescalined
dancers rose to the darkened sky
lightning rim shots
of their pleased god
echoed off the the mountain tops

 I talk all over the place
sometimes only to myself
but as cassady once said
that way you can have
an intelligent conversation

the American spirit
has been passed down
from the founding fathers
through the literature of Melville,
the transcendentalism of Emerson,
the elusiveness of Whitman,
the eyeopening of Faulkner,
and then zooms into the Beat authors
where it takes a wild turn
of spontaneity in tribal dance,
uninhibited jazz, nonsensical word raps
and other unfettered reaching of the spirit
toward new found freedoms
and yes the spirit is still alive
despite the deaths of Kerouac,
of Cassady, of Leary, of Garcia,
of Ginsberg, of Kesey,
it is still alive; alive in the lone spinner
spinning to the music of the spheres,
alive in the laughter of secretaries
sharing lunch on a park bench,
alive in the swirls of paint
splashed on a canvas
alive in the honk of a sax
on a deserted city street,
alive in the child clutching
a handful of daisies
... alive... alive...
or, as Neal Cassady said,
the only true currency
is that of the spirit.

-- Capn Skyp