Okay, allayah out there yelling why dint I get a Wavy and Zero Nobody For President CD, you kin git one if u want it but no freebies, I gotta pay for the disks, the labels the plastic cases, the envelopes, the postage, whine whine whine. What's the princess's favorite whine? When you gonna take me to Miami? No, that's her favorite wine. Here's the deal:

skypilotclub members: an abraham lincoln in the mail along wit yer club number and return address gits you the disk.

MAIL TO: Skypilotclub
81774 Lost Creek Road
Dexter OR 97431

non members: abe and two george washingtons an' yer return address gits you the disk.

Where's Nobody when we need him? Nobody for president is as great an American tradition as four twenty. Wavy Gravy used to drag Nobody out every four years and extoll Nobody's virtues. I sent the entrants to the flower naming contest an alternte prize of a CD with Wavy and the band, Zero, doing a Nobody For President Rally. I got a few pertinent responses:

a young woman in Kalamazoo who said she saw her friend chase Wavy down a San Francisco street screaming "I hate clowns!" Probably a bad childhood experience accounted for that.

When Wavy ascended to Flavorhood over a decade ago, I became his man-on-location at Ben & Jerry's, and one of my all-time-favorite-friendships ensued (including a few momentus adventures, which will have to be included in my memoirs, "Semi-mental Journey"). In fact, the worst day of my 16 year career at B&J's was the day I had to tell Wavy that his flavor had been sent to the Flavor Graveyard...

when I got pre - show dinner tickets for the other ones { randomly miracled } 2001 I was walkin through the tunnel under the oakland all my senses explodin, I had two tickets went out and chose a girl, walkin down the hall I saw wavy gravy limpin with his cane, deciding to be a smart ass, I walk up to him using my best authority voice, put my arm around his shoulder and said, excuse me sir, do you need help finding your seat? are you lost? he looked at me all cranky like what the hell, I smiled he laughed.