High school girls' JV softball team, after practice.

Christie, Liz and Hannah.

Capn Ken goes to the U of O to give a talk at the Kesey class.

Mark Chilton, the instructor, and Capn Ken hisself.

The Kesey class at the U of O is a four week seesion mostly concerned with the books Kesey wrote. Members of the class Kesey taught at the U of O where they wrote the book, Caverns, came and talked. As did Mason Williams, old Kesey friend and musician; also Ed McClanahan who is edited Spit 7 of Spit in the Ocean. On their final day the class is going to ride the Further bus out to Kesey's farm.

Zane Kesey was at the class the first day and had some pics on his website but I see they are gone. To view the new stuff on Zane's site, click on:


Bus all ready to go.

Zane Kesey is the bus honcho and his cousin, Kit Kesey is the driver.

Faye Kesey sees the bus off. Make sure there's enough gas!

At the faire. Parked. None the worse for wear.

She's up on stilts, ten feet off the ground. . . . . . Bluegrass band playing along the walkway.

Face painting, all the rage. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Blowing bubbles, a tradition.

Paul Karamozov, one of the brothers . . . . . . . . Teacher and students meet at the Faire.

More stilters, stilting through the crowd . . Ray Sewell's TV show, solving world's problems.

Belly, full up, swimming in the ocean.


Yas, looky here, it is true, at the McDonald Theater in downtown Eugene, Oregon, a big double bill. The famous '72 Field Trip movie, transferred to DVD, with the never before seen Springfield Creamery intro, shown in all its big screen glory, first time ever.

Simon and John Swan got a standalone DVD burner from an electonics store and burned the dvd. they did it at the highest possible quality and had to use two disks so there was a fifteen second intermission in the middle of the movie while they changed the disk.

The sound was great. That mono sound we took off the 16MM mag was rich and crisp.

The picture was pretty good but there were a few glitches where the dvd didn't burn exactly right.

What was good was seeing the movie on the full screen. Made me long for the original 16MM movie to go out playing in theaters all over the world.

The movie was followed by Bill Kreutzman and the Trichromes. What a show! And, yes, skypilot club members got their club discounts when they showed their club cards at the door.

Bill the Drummer, card member since . . . ol' cap'n fish hooks signed him up.

Big Steve, always happy to be here . . . . . . Sy Klops, lead singer and front man.


Michael DiPirro on bass . . . . . . . . .Ralph Woodsen, singing and strumming.

Bill the Drummer buried in there someplace, ah here he is, intent on the job.

Haloed, lit by the light. concentrated.

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