FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2002

There was a tremendous racket of crows out in the field. A red-tailed hawk had plummeted from the sky and crashed into the back of a crow and knocked it out of the flock onto the ground. The rest of the crows began cawing and flying around crazily bringing every crow within cawing distance flying to see what was going on. A real cawcaus of crows. The hawk sat on the ground, holding the crow in its talons. Every once in a while a crow would dive down and strafe the hawk but it shrugged them off; then with the noise crescending, the hawk staggered into the air, flying and swaying a few feet off the ground. He made it into the trees and disappeared with his game. The rest of the crows cawed mightily, circling, then began dispersing, knowing their brother was gone for good. Pretty soon it was quiet again. Nature in the raw.

-- Capn Skyken

Here he is, drove all the way from Kaintuck in his sporty Toyota SUV, Ed McClanahan hisself, the editor of Spit In The Ocean number 7, entitled, "Sparks Fly Upwards -- All About Kesey." Ed has brought the manuscript-- a collection of stories, recollections, poems, photos, drawings and literary analyses-- and, along with publisher, Ken Babbs, is going over the final prepartions prior to printing.

"I don't care how much that pipsqeak new-vo literary dilletante Blabs entices and browbeats and persuades and threatens, I'm not changing a single word of this book, dammit, I've culled through the beatest and detritus of a million pages to come up with the by god best bits of Kesey acclamation, penetration and downright expostlation ever to grace the publishing world and be double daggone durned any trash and smash hit and split junk book trader gonna in any way diminish the triumph of this project."

Way to tell it like it is, Ed, even if that's not you talking. Hell, that isn't even your style. Sounds like someone pretending to be you and not doing a very good job of it at that. Okay, I confess, it's me, ha ha, good joke all around, so come on, eveybody, let's hear that hearty laugh. Okay. Enough of the fun stuff. Let's get down to business.

Ed and I are working together on this thing and although we might have our differences in what we think is good stuff and what we think is not up to snuff, we're not going to let that stop us from making this as good a book as we can.

Main thing is, this SPIT 7 is in the works and perking right along on schedule even though there is no schedule. All goes well, let's look for a publishing date this fall. Of course you will hear all about it right here, so stay tuned.

-- Cap'n Tenterhooks

It is time to give a roaring thanks to all the people who have joined the skypilotclub. Your membership dues have enabled Cap'n Skyhook hisself to pay for the website and buy a digital camera; thus all the great skypilotclub news you are able to receive on the website. Next in order will be some skypilotclub goods, soon as the manufacturing division of the club gets its ass in gear. So keepem cards and moneys coming, skypilots, and old cap'n skyhook will keep the club a-humming.

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