July is the month when the new antlers of buck deer push through their foreheads, hence the name Full Buck Moon. This moon has also been called the Full Thunder Moon and Full Hay Moon. Bruce Lee died on this day in '73. Also first man on the moon in '69. Pancho Villa killed in '23.


I saw Bruce Lee and Pancho drinking a beer at a local spot about a week ago. Both claimed the 5th. So I said alrighty I'll have one too. About that time Neil Armstrong showed up with Buzz Aldrin, and claimed Mike Collins owed them 5 bucks each.

Bought them a Red Stripe and advised them to seek legal assistance.

Armstrong got pissed and shot me the moon.

Aldrin, ever the gentleman, bought me an Anchor Steam and said don't worry about it, he's still pissed about that one small step when Coltrane was blowing Giant Steps years before.

I told Neil to chill. Miles had told Trane to take the horn out of his mouth during a chorus and he didn't listen. When someone asked Sonny Rollins what happened to him, he disappeared for a few years, Sonny replied, "I got run over by a Trane."

So Neil to Miles, Trane to Buzz, and where's a good Mike Collins, or actually aTom Collins when you need one? Sonny Rollins can blow that tune.

-- Wingman Nalaflow
Lost in the Ozone again......

MONDAY, MAY 16, 2005

Chased but not chaste the soccer team all over town all weekend and today it is a madscape run to the Oregon coast for softball, wheee, how time flies like a fruit flies like a banana and when oh when will I send out all the orders been flying in like flies on honey, oh honey, fly on fly on.

SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2005


True story; Word of Honor:
Joseph Heller, an important and funny writer
now dead,
and I were at a party given by a bIllionaire
on Shelter Island.
I said, "Joe, how does it make you feel
to know that our host only yesterday
may have made more money
than your novel `Catch-22'
has earned in its entire history?"
And Joe said, "I've got something he can never have."
And I said, "What on earth could that be, Joe?"
And Joe said, "The knowledge that I've got enough."
Not bad! Rest in peace!

-- KurtVonnegut


Recovering from the smashed finger, (yes, it is THAT finger) so all of you who have ordered goods from skypilotclub central bare with the ol Capn through his days of toil and recovery and thanks for all the encouraging emails some of which go like this:


What we have here is a case of age before beauty. I can see your age has made you take leave of your senses by not consuming said drink or preferably drinks before attemptiing such a beat stunt. i would have consumed several and reanalyzed it before proceeding.

and then probably subbed it out to Simon


you is right on both counts but it was 8 in the AM and Simon is two hours north


DGS/DGH Health Insurance covers all expenses for whatever happens to you. Not only that, it was also all our fault!!!!
As you read the text of your DGS[DON'T GET SICK!!!!]/DGH[DON'T GET HURT!!!!] Health Insurance policy you will notice that everything is taken care of and that,HELL, it was all our fault anyway.


yeah. but the fine print sez it was san andreas's fault and fingers aren't covered.


to refrain from demembering yourself
one must remember not to disremember
where the cords what trip do lurk


Amen, brother.


FULL of faith and trust the skypilots will snatch up the new goods and eager readers will join the club I went ahead and ordered the DSL line. Simplicity was the order of the day but working in pure debacle mode the ol capn laid phone lines all over the floor, tore the computer apart to install a bigger hard drive and in a graceful bumbling move tripped over the phone line fell on his face, the hard drive smashed his finger and crashed not only to the floor but crashed the drive as well for when I booted it up in the puter it whirled up a storm so hard and loud it took off out of its slot and wham bammed into the monitor wrecking it as well and this is after I went stumbling into the bathroom leaving a trail of blood and before I fainted from shock managed to wrap gauze around the gushing wound then had to search for tape finally resorting to masking tape, only thing I could find, wrapping and wrapping until the flow was a seep and I could stagger to the kitchen and mix and down a big drink gave me enough of an edge I could try typing using all the fingers of my left hand and one finger of my ruined hand.

The modem survived the fall. Now more wires all over the floor to hook the modem up to the computer in the other room.

SUNDAY, APRIL 10, 2005


Yesterday on the final day of that two day wrestling tourney, which brings in about 10,000-15,000 people and kids for the span, these tough young studs are all over the place. We sit on a raised platform, the head table, announcing the next matches and sending the wrestlers to an asigned mat, there are eight, anyway we carry on so bad up there, yelling at the kids, each other, parents, all the day long so much so it became over the ten years of doing this quite the stick. " "Go ask that guy there his name is Weller he is in charge of answering all the stupid questions", and " Did somebody tell you to come to us and ask us that or did you think of that stupid question yourself". Once every year there is some guy who thinks he is The Man and all this is foolishness, inevitablely you can see him frown with displeasure throughout the day,soon he can't take no more and snaps cause his kid looses or thinks an official screwed his kid. So with all the piss and vinigar in 'em here he comes into our wheelhouse and we see him coming, it's an art, I say so he can hear" hey Bones, ya got my back", "Yea", "how bout it Bubba", "always coach."

These guys Bones and Bubba are at the opposites ends of the spectrum, Bones, 21, weighing in at 170lbs of testosterone bone and muscle 3% body fat. 6 foot and "i"ll tear your fucking throat out" ,inner voice, " if you alow me the cicumstance"..He is absent of fear. Cirtifiable but will never be caught cause he is too nice to the right people. Now Bubba,33, 390lbs 5 foot 8and 1 half inches, if he gets up on his big toe. A two timer,piaa state champ heavy weight and as qick and flexable as an alley cat, someone i have known for 20 years very intiamently. His nerve endings do not completly connect. There are no known words in his vocabulary for pain or hurt or quit. When he goes off call 911 cause he ain't gonna heal.Ok the guy got his warning but it is, too late, he is comitted and the crowed now is looking,40 maybe 50 tightly packed in front of the head table, they sense the energy through the acid smell of his evaporating adrenalin. He starts his verbal onslaught

" You guys ought to, should of, my kid, that official, this place, Yadda yadda yadda....." Hey cripple who the hell you talking to like that, I know it ain't me" The ole man in the grey hair slams down on 'em. The guy a bit less of an edge"I ain't no cripple, and I'm tellen you"..." well your gonna be crippled if ya don't change your attitude pal real quick" Slower and steady now locking in the ole gaze, with a little turning of the lip that makes 'em think of a smile, at the same time asking the question,"why is he smiling,He's nuts maybe, i think"....A very little but perceptable lean toward him and i feel Bones and Bubbas energy like wraithes rise up hoping for a feeding frenzie.

" He was screwed" now talking. "I believe you, but don't tell us, go tell the official, he gets paid , thats his job, we don't and this just isn't going to be entertained here, thats all" Shaking his head, chin on his chest off he goes, a mixture of disapointment and good humer swirls through the scene, then Bones speaks" I guess he forgot he was in Shamokin"....Laughter loud and long. I even seen a back slap. "ok, next!" "I mean, Atilla the Hun..Hannable Lector..your on mat 7, down stairs!" .....Now thats wrestling in Shamokin, and it's true.....Skypilot Sparks.

MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2005

Skypsec Wingman Nalaflow hisself is going to see RatDog tonight somewhere on the east coast, Maryland or one of those kinda places. Here's his preliminary report:

Here is my badge for the show monday night. I'll be in full Skyp regalia with Pull badge out front. Full report post show. Thanks to Maggie for badge ideas and help. Will try to recruit new members if possible. Fly on. Time pieces synchronized. Wingman Nalaflow assuming stealth identity as of 1700 EDT.

Out here. Wish me luck. If anything should hapen to me or my imaginary crew the secretary will disavow all knowledge of our bad behavior.

A horse can be lead to water but a pencil must be lead.

Reporting live from the east, Skypsec aka Wingman Nalaflow


Last night at the Ratdog show Bobbie was visibly saddened by the death of Johnnie Johnson. He wiped tears from his eyes throughout the show. It was as good a show i had ever seen. He never sang better, the band was hot, tough, on time and timeless. Poignant. Two feet from the stage along side the whirling dervish twirler this ole skypilot made his stand. The feets began to move the head began to sway, before long it was up up and away. Rich full swings of emotion, art at it's finest, connecting us to what we are...human beings. That ole eternal vibe is still alive Cap'n...Rock My Soul...! To all of you who knew Goldie my heart goes out to you, and to all of you who knew or played with Johnnie Johnson also my sympathies. They are two shining reason, of many, why we must continue to care. Before the encore last night Bobbie pointed toward the ceiling above the balcony and beyond saying,"Johnnie, there's the door, just follow the light" Familiar chords dropped down from somewhere, the room filled with the sounds and the band layed upon us all an almost holy" Brokedown Palace", there was healing in those wings. Love never fails. -- #43 Sparks, Shamokin PA