MONDAY, JULY 31, 2006


An inconvenient contradicton

All of the recent hoopla about global warming and melting ice and ris-ing ocean levels got me to thinking -
which, by the way, can be a thorough-
ly dangerous proposition at times. So,
with my wife's permission, I decided
to conduct a little science experiment
at home to see if melting ice would
raise an ocean level.
Before leaving for work one morn-
ing, I took an empty one-gallon pickle
jar and ran cold tap water into it until
it was about three-fourths full. I then
placed the jar on the kitchen counter
with a cake pan under it to catch the
anticipated overflow. Then I added
lots and lots of ice cubes until the
floating ice mass was over the brim.
Very carefully, I marked the water
level on the side of the jar. Finally, I
raised the temperature in the room by
two degrees and went off to work.
Imagine my surprise upon return--
ing home to find the cake pan drier
than Death Valley. Then I discovered
that the water level in the pickle jar
had not risen at all. It looked as
though it had actually dropped a hair.
Rubbing my chin, I was quite relieved
that we needn't worry about Manhat--
tan becoming an aquarium after all.
This is a perfect little experiment
for Kool-Aid lovers. Next time you
make up a batch, give it a try.
It is also a fun experiment for
teaching schoolchildren about basic
physics and global warming.


 Editor's note: What follows is a sampling of the more than 75 letters received in response to a July 20 letter about a do-it-yourself experiment involving ice cubes, a pickle jar and global warming.

Try this experiment instead

Don Richey (letters, July 20) describes what he claims is a "fun experiment for teaching schoolchildren about basic physics and global warming." It is a fun experiment, indeed, because it demonstrates how simple ignorance can deceive.
What Richey actually demonstrated is that ice has lower specific gravity than liquid water. Water takes up less volume than ice. Richey's ignorance is displayed by the critical -and wrong - assumption behind his experiment: that global warming will raise ocean levels by melting ice that is now floating in the ocean. No, it is ice above sea level that will cause the trouble.
if Richey really wanted to experiment how global warming might raise ocean levels, he'd do this: Start with a basin or tub and put a layer of bricks in the bottom. FILL the basin with water so that it just comes up to the top of the bricks but does not actually overtop the bricks. The water represents the oceans, the bricks the land above water with water lapping at the shores.
Now, place a block of ice on top of the bricks. if there is room, use several blocks of ice. The blocks of ice represent the glaciers in the Antarctic, Greenland and northern boreal regions. Go to work and stay long enough for the ice to melt.
When you come home, you will be astounded to find the bricks are actually under water! Well, maybe you won't be astounded, but Richey apparently will be.


 Water temperature plays a role

Don Richey's water, ice and pickle jar experiment was a good one. It is a great way to demonstrate that ice is less dense than water.
However, the sea level rise most scientists are concerned with would not come from melting the floating sea ice of the arctic sea, it would occur if the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets melted. These ice masses are not floating, they are sitting on land masses with the top surface of the ice 5,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level. The melting of this ice would indeed raise sea levels.
Another concern of the scientific community is the expansion of water as it warms. Water reaches its greatest density at about 39 degrees F. A small increase in overall ocean temperature would also produce a rise in sea level.
The pickle jar experiment will work here too. Fill the jar with water at 39 degrees. Warm the jar while keeping evaporation in check (plastic wrap on top), and you will observe a rising water surface. The rise will be small in a pickle jar, but a small rise in an "ocean-deep" pickle jar would be significant for anyone, and anything, residing near sea level.



Lt. O'Green (age 84) had not flown a mission since bombing Berlin in September 1944 while the three generations of O'Greens last ground mission was spreading the prankster spirit touring Ireland and Scotland in 1999.

Matches up with portrait jpeg ( 63 years apart ) ­ america's hero 2006

3 gens of skypilots ( ages 24, 84, 53)

Geoff volunteering to turn the props (engine energy insert) getting ready for flight.

My mom gave little "Honest John" to my dad as a good luck charm in 1943 and it flew 32 missions with him allowing him to join the "Lucky Bastards Club" ­ Lucky for Kirk and Geoffrey!
After Saturday Honest John flew 33 missions for freedom.

B-17 and navy escort trainer plane. John getting out of bombardier area after take off

view of Norden bomb site. 3 generations high in the sky

german spy on left jpeg ­ john o'green participated in catching this german spy. Behind the spy is Bette O'Green my dad's sister.
id card ­ early version of govt issued skypilot card
-- Kirko

MONDAY, JULY 2, 2006

Woodknot was the featured band. KapnKenB without the Skyps went down to Saginaw and then up to Cougar Mountain for the event. The old cooperative treeplanting gang, The Hoedads, bought the property on Cougar Mountain and it is now a center for alternative energy and hip gardening.

They built the stage structure just for the event. A seventy foot long fir tree is the front beam. Solar panels on the roof provide electricty.

Jerry Rust is an original Hoedad, one of the founding members. A Lane County commisioner forever, he gave it up to run for governor and ended up teaching English at a grade school in China. Home for the summer, it was a grand reunion and as an added treat, I met his wife, Star, whom Jerry married while in China this past year.


Haying in June in Oregon? Unheard of. But hot on the heels of high ninety degree weather for four days, here come the tractors and mowers and rakes and balers and hay buckers, making hay while the sun do shine so nodding for the ol capn to do but go across the street and give his neighbor a hand.

Marc, another neighbor up the road a ways, has all the equipment and he cuts and rakes and bales fields up and down Lost Creek.

You pay Marc by the ton and you have to weigh a few bales, ten in this case, and take an average and figure the tonnage, quite a feat for us country folk, no calculator but they do have a scale.

Here's neighbor Steve, happy neighbor Steve, sun going down, day cooling off, and best of all, the hay is in the barn, so let's go have a beer.

MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2006


Even though the riding lawnmower is repaired and returned to the fleet and is operational, during the down time the grass didn't linger but rose skyward like skypilot grass doth do, so nodding left to do but hit the fields with the rocketshipgalactica tractor and rotary mower, no stalks will stand in our path!

FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2006


First it was the steering gear went kablooey so I ordered the replacement parts and waited and when they arrived I installed the suckers one long afternoon and then tried it out and the riding mower steered just like it's supposed to, left, right, straight ahead, only, looking behind I noticed it wasn't cutting so I got off the mower to check things out and found, oh oh, the belt had snapped so it was back to the concrete pad where I do my repair work, remove the mower deck from the machine, discover it is getting quite decrepit and in need of a spruce up so out came the wire brush and the spray paint and all I had was the Oregon Duck colors which seemed appropriate, I let the sucker dry while I went to the parts place and get new belts and now it all awaits another put together and another go round, for the Fourth of July is rapidly approaching and the place must be mown!

-- Kapn KenB


there was a report of
a SkyPilot sighting from comedian Chong.
Will try to paraphrase an approximation of Chong's
report (any errors are mine and no disrespect is meant
to the artist by retelling their story).

"I met Jerry Garcia once. It was about two years
before he died. I was standing next to the fruitbowl
"Garcia walked up to me and said, 'Hey, you're Cheech.'
"I looked at him and said, 'Hey, you're
"He says, 'You're an icon.'
"I said, 'You're a Mexican.'
"Later, we were back in his dressing room and I said
to him, 'You've been a success all these years. How
did you do it?
"Garcia says to me, 'The secret is love. You have to love.
You know, if you can love the most annoying, dirty,
mean, wife-beating, angry, motherfucker you know, then
(pause) you're a better man than I am."
[Lights go down. End of scene]

-- Slammer Hammer


"The Grateful Dead were using two drum kits [in 1969] and they came with two women who were dressed alike and kinda preppy looking. They put each one at a drum kit and I realized they were two flight attendants from Northwest Airlines that they brought with them. I was standing there watching them and Jerry Garcia came up to me and said, 'Weird enough for you?' "

Suzanne Weil, who booked Guthrie concerts from 1969-'76

-- Skypilot Barry #126