I cleaned out the old vidie van been used for storage ever since I cleaned out the old canning room in order to put a new roof on, remember that one? The plan is to use the vidie van for my writing studio, do nothing in there but work on the old Vietnam novel. Remember that one? No phone line, no internet, no email, no telephone, just the book. As they used to say on the planet O'Mygosh in the O'Reilliken Galaxy, "Time'z a-wazting."

I'm working in the vidie van now, not right this minute now, but when I get done doing the website and email and editing movies, I'm going out to the vidie van and attack the Vietnam novel.

-- KapnKen



Both separate and together outside at the Cuthbert Ampitheater in Eugene, Oregon last night in front of a dancing, singing, clapping full house crowded on the benches, on the lawn and boogieing in front of the stage. The ol' Kapn was there with his trusty digi only to discover cameras aren't allowed and if tries to take one more picture his camera will be confiscated, so nodding to do but ease back, chill, and dig the music. Bonnie Rate is a giant, her stature and song performances equal to Bob Dylan, plus coming from a showbiz family she has great dramatic moves on stage. Keb Mo is very fortunate to be touring with her. He's a good 'un in his own right but she is the master and runs the show and they all learn from her. Bonnie and Keb did four or five numbers together, some of them lovely songs, "Let's give them something to talk about . . ." The big, one-night-from-full moon rose over the bandshell and smiled benignly on the whole thing.






Skypilots from near to farout have been exploring the dusty realms and artful installations on the Playa in Black Rock City. The Camp called Further is the City Hall here.

Skypilots from across your street are here and were documented thoroughly.

Photos of the Expedition can be viewed at


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Dr. Really?
Senior Anthropologist
The Mind Shaft Society

Skypilot, Dr. Really? is on the left. He's in the right pic, too, on the right.
That's the mindshaft society headquarters with their car.


There's a new bus in town. Didn't get its name but I call it the veggie oil bus. Come all the way from Seattle to show off its capablitity to run on diesel or vegetable oil. First you run it on diesel till it gets warm enough then a computer switches it over to veggie oil. The bus is heading west to Boulder and south to Alberqurque. My spelling has also gone south.

The bus has an internal video surveillance camera system and here's the Kapn caught taking a digie pic of the Kapn taking a digie pic.

Rick and Micael, are the man with the plan, duo, plural. Rick built the bus's conversion kit. He is also a movie maker and is filming as he goes along. His title is Vegetable Waste Oil Collection Agent. You can check him out at:



Biking to Burning Man go Bea and Steve in the three wheeler, two pedaler, covered contraption Steve has spent the past month building out of the six thousand old bikes he's scavanged from Bring Recycling, and yes it is roadworthy but watch out going cross country, those ruts and holes tend to pitch the bike over on its side, not a pretty sight, so be alert, Bea, be alert. Steve says, "I used to be a lert, now I am a dolt, er, I mean adult."


I cleaned out the old vidie van been used for storage ever since I cleaned out the old canning room in order to put a new roof on, remember that one? The plan is to use the vidie van for my writing studio, do nothing in there but work on the old Vietnam novel. Remember that one? No phone line, no internet, no email, no telephone, just the book. As they used to say on the planet O'Mygosh in the O'Reilliken Galaxy, "Time'z a-wazting."

Kesey bought the vidie van to use as a second string rig to carry the pranksters and their gear to events that didn't require the presence of the big bus, Further. After Kesey died, the vidie van sat in the field at his place until Faye, Kesey's wife, wanted it out of there, so I took it off her hands. Concurrently, my son Simon's bus blew its engine so Simon pulled the engine and tranny out of the vidie van and put them in his bus. That left the vidie van non-locomotive, so I had to use my pickup to tow it over to my house and park it where it now sits.

We were parked outside the office we had in Pleasant Hill, getting ready to go to the Mickey Hart Band concert out at Fern Ridge Resevoir on the other side of Eugne. Swan, Phil and Kesey in the back row, Babbs and George in front. Sunshine and Hagen also came along.

We set up our gear on the top of the vidie van off to the side of the main stage and while nothing else was going on, played unique prankster music with Kesey on the theremin, me on the trombone, Swan on the guitar and not shown, Phil with his Indian drum.

Vince Welnick and Mickey Hart, the headliners, facing the sun going down, the lake in the background, mellowing down easy.


Arggh, mateys, the old Capn is mightily pleased with his skypilots at least for the nonce. $230 dollars worth of orders came in the mail yesterday which allowed me to hie off to the bank and pay off the debt I owed for the patches which mightily pleased Skypilot Don in China who supplied the patches and bankrolled the whole endeavor.

Not to let you off the hook, you skypilots and non members who haven't yet purchased the new, great items being offered here. SKYILOT! He's on a path to faraway. Where it is we cannot say. He'll buzz the inhabitants and make them wonder too, what the hell's a skypilot and where's he going to?

That's easy. He's going to the post office to mail in his orders. Har, matey.


. . . was playing through an amp emblazoned NOT with the word Fender, NOT with the word Marshall, NOT with the word Vox, but the word ZYGONE! emblazoned across the front. I covered the manufacturer's own logo with one of your bumper stickers. Even the pro musicians (and even John Densmore from the Doors came down to sit in) were all asking me who the HELL makes an amp called ZYGONE! I told them YOU did. Hell, you just may get an order or two! I hope you're still good with electronics.

-- Tom T


Busted! Charged with mealy mouthed whining and singing the desitute blues and badly out of tune, too, my only defense a pititul plea, "I was jes' tryin' to guilt trip them Skypilots, y'r honorific, shame them into buyin' some-a my meager home made cottage industried artsy fartsy shit, oh sorry, didn't mean to stoop to the vernacular," and just then out of the aformentioned blues comes an uplifiting voice from the peanut gallery, "FTR--the new patches are fabulous. Seriously 3-D. Sort of like our own type of Boy Scout patch."

Tipped the tide, it did, an in my favor, too. I was let out with a warning, "Don't stoop to your low level infantile self exploitation tactics any more or you will be incarcerated incommunicado as far away as the O'Reilliken Glaxay, if that's what it takes."

Groveling to the extreme, I penitently crawled out on my knees, furtively eyeballing whilst stumbling down the courthouse steps the glimmer of a welcoming neon sign, for, like a magician of lore or is it yore, I was about to turn into a bar.


I was doing good, bizzy as a bee, so bizzy I dumped Myspace.com, no time to keep up. Did an interview for the Woodstock Museum all about my Woodstock lore. A five hundred buck job. Was shocked when I didn't get paid soon as the interview was over but was assured the money would come quickly, soon as the needed info on the agreement was received by the museum. On the strength of that I ordered the new Skypilotclub patches. Bought a DVD burner for the video editing computer. Bought DVD authoring software. Had to get a processor upgrade to work the software. Making DVDs eats so much hard drive space I got two new hard drives. Bought everything on EBay and paid with my credit card. The damned money from the Woodstock Museum still hasn't showed up and I still haven't paid for the patches.

What to do?

Crank out more product.

Sell more goods.

Cover my credit card debt.



That sums it up pretty well, considering my video editing and DVD burning computer went screwy louie on me, first, one of the two monitors quit working and while I was messing with the video cards the computer itself wouldn't turn on and of course I went into a mild panic, about to buy a new motherboard, new power supply, fortunately it was too late at night and I couldn't do anything till the morning so I went to bed. Yes, boys and girls, miracles do happen, the next day I plugged the power cord in and viola and rhapsodic melodiums of delight, the computer came back on. I had a spare monitor and plugged it into the system and once again it is go go go, keeping fingers legs toes and arms crossed, once again editing vidies, authoring the DVDs, burning same and putting the goods on the market. Let freedom rule.


I was in a store somewhere in town and used a credit card [musta been for gas or smg big ticket like that]. The clerk asked me for ID. I dug around in the bottom of my bag for an interminable length of time before finding something that felt like my drivers license. During this time, a really long line of people got on line behind me. I pulled it out and it was my skypilot ID card and slapped it on the counter. She looked at it, looked back at the line, and looked at the card again and said thanks. so it flew, thank god. As I was walking out, she asked, what's a skypilot? I remembered something Ian told me. I replied, when you get too high, skypilots fly up and get you and bring you back down. She just went on ringing up her customers -- expressionless. The people in line appreciated it, tho. They all laughed and didn't mind standing in line so long if they had something else to think about.

From the Conch Republic FAQ:
Q: Can I travel on my Conch Republic passport?
A: We do not represent our passports as valid travel documents. That said, people have traveled all over the world on them. The Conch Republic passport even saved one man's life in Guatemala when confronted by armed revolutionaries"Americano no! Republica de la Concha". He was filled with shots of Tequila instead of shots from the Kalishnikovs.


Hope this helps with your data-gathering mission and hope the mother ship is pleased.



With Lost Creek at Oregon Country Fair, photo by Ann Goddard

MONDAY, JULY 24, 2006

I did six performances in 14 days and am burned out, not to mention driving home yesterday it was 106 degrees but this morning a cooler 60 and the windows are open and the fan is blowing in cold air and soon we'll close down the house and capture the cool.

With Zen Tricksters, Mookie and Wendy and Donna Godchaux.

FRIDAY, JULY 21, 2006