Oh my, forgot all about four twenty and what was I doing at four twenty on four twenty? Mowing the damned grass, that's what, for it is growing at a rate never before seen, due, no doubt to gopal warning, I blame everything on that.

Also, the tulips are gorgeous, shocked they were the morning it snowed but they got over it when the sun melted the snow within the hour. Same with the . . .

And as for pore pitiful me, I not only neglected my four and twenty blackbirds backed up on the freeway after the pie truck crashed into the sheriff's work crew van and the inmates had a gross out feast and the deputies had pie all over their faces but once the mess was straightened out it was ascertained I also got through the equinox, the full moon, passover, easter and the income taxes without collapsing in either sorrow or glee, no, I have to remain a balanced man for my ancient yellow pages of the old vietnam novel must be brought to a suitable conclusion, satisfy one and all.


No need to explain where I've been: sitting staring at the computer screen, fingers poised over the keyboard, inspiration will strike but will it be before the nap or after? These and many more deep deep creek deep questions will be answered if we but stay attuned, and awake.

Got this from Paul Krassner:

PETER Coyote was flooded with happy memories when he read in Friday's NY Post that a free store - a 1960s throwback where all the merchandise is free for the taking - had opened downtown in the supposed world capital of capitalism. The "E.T." and "Erin Brockovich" actor, after all, was a member of the Diggers, the radical group that founded the original free stores in 1967. "The Digger Free Store was a bit early in predicting the collapse of the American economy - say 40 years - but . . . redistributing goods and serv ices on the basis of community rather than profit still seems like a good idea to me," Coyote told The Post's Jeremy Ol shan. "It may turn out that they'll teach Americans how to be poor with grace."


Yes, all the stuff from back then like the free store and the whole earth catalog and people doing communes, back to the land, build your own shelter, grow food, make clothes not babies, wait a minute, that wasn't one of the things, but you get the idea, all coming around again only with great new technical savvy and the internet to hook people together, look at it right and this is fun time for America, for those who don't let the lack of money destroy them.

"Does they eat chicken?"

- - Colonel Sanders, to Country Joe & The Fish when they asked him if he liked hippies.

Paleontologists are attempting to recreate a dinosaur- or something a lot like a dinosaur - by starting with a chicken embryo and working backward to engineer a "chickenosaurus" bringing it out on a leash during lectures.

There is no danger of the proposed dinochicken escaping and populating the world.

Mexican cockfights with 50-foot roosters-- a giant chicken on Avenida Revolucion going haywire on some federales and coke thugs-- with a mariachi band roaring away-- rival drug gangs begin shooting and feathers are flying, his aim was so pore, he was shooting for the nightcap, then he shot an elephant in his pajamas.

Do you still advocate the expansion of ones mind?

Sure, rising consciousness to love others and to be kind and helpful and merciful

The music you as a group made, was there a message? What influenced the music? Did you have an influence?

You kidding me? the merry band of prankster is actually a band with instruments, odd though they may be. Our music is a non verbal form of communication, then we trip them up with words.
Wake them up, yes. And once awake, keep them awake, use your skills
as performer, wizard, magician, raconteur, teacher, up out of the
chairs, on your feet, get to work, help other people out, raise your
conscicuouness, respect all others, be kind, humor works all the time.

So what would be your favorite memory of those times?

2 many 2 count, as kesey once said, "follow your bliss."

What about the differences between the views of you guys versus Leary and his ideas on LSD and other mind expanding drugs? Was it signficant to you or is just something someone decided to write on wikipedia?

We were great friends with Leary and totally in synch. I've never read wikie but it is probly not accurate. who else is to know what's what except the people involved? All that shit about Leary and us being rivals is, well . . . bullshit.

Here's Marcus with his Chinese chopper, put it together himelf, bought the motor and chain and sprocket and gas tank and throttle controls from China, gets over fifty miles per gallon.

Ain't she a beaut.

Tiny little gas saver and she puts out the smoke, that lovely blue color you see covers China cities.













The price is right, a hundred and sixty dollars.

Hey, the super bowl game was super and Springsteen was great and the ads sucked.



The unending holidays and debilitating parties of O8, staring with Halloween, then the Marine Corps birthday, Veterans Day, the election, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, Kawanzaa, New Years, the Inauguration, thankfully come to an end today with the SUPER BOWL Am I going to watch, you bet, and then put the cork back in the champagne bottle, and leave it in the fridge until-- holey kamoley, tomorrow is Groundhog Day, next thing you know, Valentines Day, Memorial Day, Easter, give me a break, okay, until the Fourth of July and then thankfully bask in the long summer days until it starts all over again. No wonder my head cold has made a resurgence. and I can't get any work done.



The big news, of course, was the inauguration. I watched it for two hours starting with Bush and Obama riding from the White House to the Capitol, then through all the people arriving at the viewing platform, some interesting scenes. When all the presidents were gathering inside, here came Jimmy Carter and his wife and did anyone else notice Carter and Clinton totally ignored one another, must be some longheld rancor at work. When the elder Bush walked to the platform, he gave a love tap on the leg to one of the military sentries standing at order arms. Hats were prevalant out in the cold, one guy in a bright red hat, never did figure out who he was. Prominent in the viewing crowd was Oregon State basketball coach, Craig Robinson, brother of Michelle Obama. Craig was wearing his orange and black OSU scarf which the announcers said was a Princeton scarf, for in the most incredible coincidence of the day, Craig Robinson played at Princeton, same colors as OSU, where he now coaches. My my. Irate Oregon viewers immediately sent hundreds of emails to the announcers and the correction was liesurely made.

I myself didn't catch that drama live for I was watching on CSPAN which had no commentary, just the live performance, including the Marine Corps Band. I know all those marches and played along on my trombone. I don't know what the deal was with that lame white minister who gave the dopiest prayer, including even the Lord's Prayer, cheeze, how original. Must be some longstanding debt being paid off to have that guy there.

The crowd stole the show. Obama's appearance was scheduled for 9:30, our time, and the crowd was chanting O Ba Ma, then tapered off, when he didn't show. Then, ten minutes late, when he appeared at the door leading to the platfrom, the chanting and yelling began again, everyone waving and cheering.

The swearing in was good for a laugh when doofo John Roberts goofed the words, too many, too fast, and Obama couldn't catch up, then they did it again and Obama got the word, faithfully, out of order and the next day they had to do it all over again in private so there wouldn't be any chance for someone challenging his presidency.

I saw that hat and wondered, who in the world was wearing that hat. Aretha Franklin, a bow on that hat that a ship of the line would envy. Too bad she had to sing God Bless America, old leftover tune from British monarchy, better she had sung America the Beautiful with its great line: and crown thy good with brotherhood, but give Aretha credit. She took the song to greater heights and ended it in triumph.

And what about that fantastic quartet doing an air on a simple gift? Yo yo ma, beaming and nodding at Izaak Perlman, the brazilian pianist, the dapper clairinet player, breath coming out of their mouths in white smoke, music coming out in . . . wait a minute. Turns out we were hearing a recording. They decided it was too cold to play live, the instruments would be out of tune, so they finger-synched the whole thing, how disappointing, don't they know it would be even better live with the instruments out of tune and they having to rise to that challenge? Oh well, the pranksters know the score.

Obama's speech was good. Serious, not playing to the audience, not looking for cheers. Bush was grimacing a time or two but afterward he told someone, "It was a great speech." Obama is smart, hip. Now let's see if he can get this train wreck back on the track and running down the line again.

I liked the poem the lady did, some cool lines. Someone said, that was no poem, nothing rhymed but he's old school.

The old guy who did the final prayer was great, got Obama laughing with his yellow is mellow line, that's from the old water saving mantra: flush the brown but yelllow is mellow, got nothing to do with the races. But it was a great day for the race. The human race. By the time the inauguration was over and the crowd was racing for the portapotties, I was exhausted but managed to stay awake until Bush and his wife were gone in the helicopter. Then I fell asleep and didn't wake up until the parade down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Wanting some pics to put on the website, in a bold innovative move, I got out the digie camera and pointed it at the TV and shot away.

As the cavalcade went along Pennsylvania Avenue, at each juncture the cheers would start when Obama's car appeared.

There was, of course, the mandatory get out of the limo and walk for a while.

Before he was even a senator, let alone president-elect, or president, Barack Obama was, at a 2003 St. Patrick's Day parade, a plunger wrangler. (Photo courtesy Mats Selen)

This photo blown up to poster size, was rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue along with the most unorthodox participants of the inaugural parade: the World Famous Lawn Rangers, a 28-year-old Central Illinois-based precision lawn mower drill team. They use toilet plungers as batons.

The Ranger inaugural credo: "Bringing dignity back to Washington."

-Bob Secter, Chicago Tribune

In solidarity with Obama and the Lawn Rangers, KapnKen applied the plunger.

Meanwhile, President Obama was heading for the oval office to sign papers and proclamations: Free Guantamo, Return Guantamo to Cuba.

That was a no-brainer, along with outlowing torture.
Dig it, Obama is a lefty, what we call a southpaw.




The dearly departed Martin Luther King said, "Free at last, great God almighty, free at last."

The dearly departed Jesus said, "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make ye free."

Dearly departed Kesey, when told he was very close to his inner child, said, "There you go, I'm free, I'm free."

To which, dearly departed Zonker said, "So, what, I'm four, I'm four."

In reply to which, dearly departed Franny Fling said, "Hey, what's the fuss, aren't we all brothers and sisters here?"

In response to that, dearly departed stuttering Paul Foster said, "I'm n-n-n-no-b-b-body's s-s-s-s-sister."


Friends, All:

Tuesday will be a day of days and I totally juiced. I hope you are as thrilled as I am with the swearing in of President Obama.

I am continually reminded of Langston Hughes' poem: I, TOO, SING AMERICA.

I, too, sing America.
I am the darker brother.
They send me to eat in the kitchen
When company comes,

But I laugh,
And eat well,
And grow strong.
I'll be at the table
When company comes.
Nobody'll dare
Say to me,
"Eat in the kitchen."
They'll see how beautiful I am
And be ashamed---
I, too, am America.

Dr. Edwin L. Coleman, II
Emeritus Professor of English