JULY 8, 2009


Tear out the old 70's single pane aluminum kitchen windows.

Replace them with vinyl high energy efficient ones.



Yesterday I stepped on a naked cross member and it gave way and down I went headfirst, a four foot drop, hitting my ribs on another cross member on the way down, lay on the cold bare earth for quite a while, first in the foetal position where I hit, then when I could move a little, rolled over on my back. I wear a brace on my back while I work, a funky thing, one of those black jobs you see the guys in home depot wear. I loosened it and moved it up and revelcroed it tight, around the rib that took the brunt. The fall got my wrist, too, and a big wet scrape on my arm next to my armpit. After a while I crawled out from under the deck, went inside, took a pain pill (one of two percocets I've been saving for an emergency), slugged down a glass of wine and did the recline.

Was up and down all night. Today I am double layered with the stretchy bracey things, moving slowly but soon I'll go out and diddle around on the deck job again, nothing strenuous, thankee.

FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2009

Thanks for all the letters of concern and comparable rib damages. One guy said, "When I yelled Hit the Deck, I didn't think you'd take it literally." Another said, "Oh no, not again, when you going to learn to wear your parachute?" But most of the letters were demanding a picture of the bruise, so here it is.

FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2009

Rib is healing, deck is coming along, I sent my Vietnam novel rewrite off to my agent in New York City, the Fourth of July is looming, leering largely over my shoulder and this morning it is raining, which wasn't in the forecast but if nothing else, we are versatile, adjustable, amenable and so forth.

TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 2009

ZOOOOM, there went Father's Day and the Solstice, full up with deck building and barbecuing, and great success on all fronts, except the weather kept blurping down showers necessitating covering everything up and then uncovering again.

With son, Eli, here, we were able to power through to rough completion. Still have the railings to do. We ran out of boards right at the end of the walkway so I left the old ones in place so we can walk the walk while talking the yak across the Bridge Over The River Why the heck would you bring a yak over the damned thing anyway? The obvious answer is, to get to the other side, but that's a chicken way out, the real reason to bring the yak across the walkway to the main deck is to test the strength, so you can put up a sign saying, One Yak Strong.


FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2009


For the whole story go to:



There is a three figurehead reward being offered for the safe return of a
giant chicken head created by Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters.
In the Summer of 1964, Ken Kesey and about 30 of his followers
traveled 3000 miles to visit the headquarters the 'League of
Spiritual Discovery' in Millbrook New York.
To the dismay of Kesey and his followers, Timothy Leary and
the League initially refused to meet with them. 
Though the other Pranksters wanted to simply give up and go home,
Kesey insisted that a 'Trojan Chicken' be built as an offering to
Leary and the League. Kesey's plan was wildly successful, and
the two groups became fast friends, intermarried, and twelve children
were born nine months later. The chicken head became internationally
hailed as a symbol of diplomatic breakthroughs. 
The chicken has been closely guarded since 1969, and has rarely been available for public viewing. In 2008, the surviving Merry Pranksters were pressured to surrender the chickenhead to the Department of Homeland Security, who feared that its legendary diplomatic prowess, if uncontrolled, could inadvertentlybring peace to Iraq, thereby ruining a perfectly good war.
On April 29th, a shadowy group, possibly 'ferners' possibly wearing
some type of head scarves, absconded with the chicken head. The
Merry Pranksters desperately seek the chicken head's return, and have
authorized a three figurehead reward for whomever brings it, home

--- zap@***.org

Questions from Ryan Jordan, U of O student

1) Why, in your opinion, do you believe that marijuana is not legal in the United States (and in Oregon)? (legal meaning not just decrim, but legal similar to alcohol).

I guess it happened in the 30s with Reefer Madness, informing the public of the evils of pot, gateway drug to harder stuff and all that, just like life itself is a gateway drug, but what it amounted to was it opened the door for the whole aniti-pot industry to grow and flourish to what has now become billions of dollars being made by growers, distributors, law enforcement people and prisons, a huge industry in itself. All self sustaining.

2) Explain your experience with marijuana. Based on your knowledge and experience, what do you feel would be the best way to handle marijuana? Do you feel that this will happen soon, if ever?

So simple it eluded me. Legalize marijuana, make it like booze, tax it, would do a lot to solve the budget crunches, and it will happen, some state will do it, just like the lottery, oh the shame of the lottery, the immorality, and all that, when it first happened, now, ho hum, it is common place.

3) What makes marijuana different (in the eyes of government officials) from tobacco, alcohol, or caffine? Do you personally feel that there is a difference?

Like Kesey said during the O.J. murder trial, the man was loaded on coke, if he'd just sat down in his recliner, smoked a big doobie, he'da said, "Oh, I'll off the bitch tomorrow," and it would never have happened.

4) How do you feel about the "War on Drugs"?

Same as I feel about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, waste of time and money and lives, the only wars worth fighting are the wars against ignorance, poverty and child abuse.

5) Would you describe Americans today as politically and socially more aware or less aware than your generation? Why or why not?

More aware of the amount of money being thrown at our politicians, less aware of what to do about it, more aware that buying gobs of worthless stuff is not where it's at but unable to do anything about it since the shopping addiction is actually a virus, you gotta do something about it, so when things are going badly, you are pissed off, sure, go shopping, just go to Goodwill or Saint Vinnies, someplace cheap, cool out the virus, make things easy on yourself.

6) What would be the one thing about America (politically, socially, or any other subject matter) that you would change? Why?

I would make me king of everything, reason being, everyone else, no matter how hard they try, have to go up against all the beuracracies and industries and militaries and irate citizen groups, and nothing ever gets accomplished, which I guess isn't a bad thing so I will turn down the crown, let things bumpily grumpily slog along at the same old neverending pace, enjoying myself as much as possible, working at the things I love to do, beaming with affection at the antics of my fellow mortals while staying balanced in the groove, keep the cool, brothers and sisters, a long hot summer lies ahead.

Ken Babbs

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