Survived two Furthur concerts and one Lost Creek performance, caught a small case of the rock and roll flu, but now over it. The equinox and full harvest moon came together with Jupitor lurking nearby, bright in the sky. Do you pronouce it eekquinox or eckquinox? The vowel shift was supposed to clarify that but who can remember? All we know is it is indeed fall and like humpty dumpty we want to have a great one, go forth and rake.



Yep, it was Jerry Garcia Bobblehad Night at the San Francisco Giants baseball game and Jerry's daughter, Annabelle, is throwing out the first pitch.

From the look on Annabelle's face, she must have thrown the ball all the way to the plate. Phil and Bobby are exerting themselves singing the "Star Spangled Banner," and Mickey is ecstatic after peforming "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" on the Kazoo during the seventh inning stretch.

Bonfire bash was terrific with great weather, great sandwiches cooked by Dustin Panique, great group of people and great music, the highlight for me was Twisted Thistle which did an instrumental version of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall," the "we don't need no education" number, with the mandolin player doing every note of the whole song perfectly, also the cellist bowing a chorus, the whole group doing a superb job.

Thanks to Eli for throwing a great bash.


A canvas roof held in place by twenty-foot high bamboo poles sheltered acres of produce stands. Behind the piled vegetables, women in white bandannas waved their arms and shouted at customers. Housewives with plastic baskets hooked over their elbows browsed along the lanes, seemingly ignoring the chanting ventors. Warm air reeking of green onions and garlic and Napa cabbage freshly plucked from verdant earth suffused the entire market.

Ernie breathed deeply and a broad grin spread across his face. We both felt it. The tactile caress of human life, unsullied by advertising and corporate greed. This is what our lives had once been on this planet. What they should be now. Everywhere.

-- Cpl. George Sueno in the novel, The Wandering Ghost, by Martin Limon.


Here we are, approaching the dog days of summer, and ol' KapnKen in his guise as perfessor emeritorious of Practcal Knowledge University, comes a-calling upon your cyber doorstoop jes' like a hip JW.

The Afghanistan thing is bankrupting the country. Just like it did the Russkies. Seems to be the way it's gotta be. Only way America can join the other nations as an equal is to be brought down to size. Not a bad thing. We're lucky in Oregon, been riding boom and bust cycles long as I've lived here so we know how to quit spending. Good thing we have the internet to keep us linked up, all over the world. Simplify simplify simplify. I've always wanted to have a fish pond here on the property as a food source. (for the herons, probably). I food shop once a week and every week everything is higher priced. As the gas goes up so does everything else. Funny how the media in all their workings are far behind the curve when it comes to reporting what's really happening in the ordinary households. So there you have it. In Colorado they are killing prairie dogs by the thousands on weekends, gun clubs going out in the country and knocking them dead at six hundred yards. Now there's a food source

 The Proper Assignment
by Ken Blabs

what would be
the proper assignment?
lunch on the
white house lawn
halftime at the super bowl
free meal for the
homeless at the park
here's a tip,
check your mail,
cash on the way
always meant to sway
the odds on it being
a most meaningful day
time to make hay
when the sun do shine
I believe that's
in the summertime
time to eat hay?
too full after eating crow
I can't skip reality completely
can only put it off for a little while
at a time and then the durn thang
sneaks up on me with a belt
across the behind
while my arm has all the fun
forearmed is four warmed
four armed is quatropussy
like a kitty cat taking them on
from inside a square
the same as kitty-corner
indeed, rushing from
one end of the litter box
to the other, spewing stink
I'm always behind the curve
and couldn't make it
in the big leagues
so happily went back

to spitting one liners
off the tongue lickety split
and returned POW over the fence
why did Barry Bonds
have such big balls?
a big secret which explains
why he has his private dressing room
and when someone goes in can
be heard to utter, oh my oh my
had a fella who mysteriously lost
20 mph off his 100 mph fastball
when he turned to cough syrup
insteada his muscular cocktail
I would like to believe
its all in my mind
and then I go and
run into a tree
sing a song of sixpence
and whaddaya git?
blackbirds, sheesh
I got up this morning
to brush my teeth and
when I turned on
the tap in the sink
water gushed
all over my feet
the cat had knocked
the drain off kilter
a mere twist with the wrench
at last as the last exit
from the balcony is
nailed shut on this caper
and I'm back in the saddle agin
back where a fren is a fren
where the cowboys howl
and the doggies go bow wow
thank god that's settled
now we can get
a decent night's sleep

JULY 2, 2010

With KapnKen

Dave Barton and Sam Egan

Shovel Man and Chainsaw Guy

The Women and the Dog




Dear old friend, Paul Sawyer, now gone, blessed be those . . . to read about him, click on:





FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

Yesterday I did a tv interview for BBC TV, two middle aged blokes, one the camera and sound man, the other the interviewer with questions writ on a small piece of paper, took a couple of hours and when we were done, Billy the interviewer said, come with me and sign the paperwork, and I said, then you give me the money, like two guys meeting on the bridge between East and West Germany and exchanging the goods, and he laughed and said, I was a BBC correspondent in Berlin when it was still an occupied zone and they gave me an I.D. card saying I was a Colonel in the British Army so when I had to go into East Germany all I did was hold the card against the car window and the guards would wave me on through.

I asked him if he ever heard of Len Deighton, the writer and he said yes and I said, Deighton wrote some good novels about a guy in the British Secret Service in Berlin right after the war.

Later in the afternoon at home, I was reading Deighton and in the novel, LINE, there was this:

"At the border control point the procedures are efficient . . . it is customary for the drivers and passengers to flatten their identity papers against the glass of the window, where they are examined and the car waved through . . . "

Amazing thing was how the two brits completely accepted my cleverly brash American foolishness all through the interview which included costumes and jokes and three musical numbers accompanied by my friend, Walker T. Ryan on guitar. Of course I am just one of many people they are interviewing for a three part show called The American Dream. He kept asking me what was my American dream.

At the beginning of the interview I was talking about the oil spill and how it is part ot the brit's way of taking us over again, through our addiction to oil, through all the money we are giving BP in our addiction, and now how BP is giving us the shaft with the oil spill, and the interviewer said, this will be about the sixties, you mustn't say anything about what is going on right now, and I thought, oho, he is in on the plot and so when he asked what my American dream was I said it would be that all the unemployed americans can go to louisiana and be paid and put up in a tent city and supplied with a hazmat suit and clean up the oil washing ashore and BP will pay all the expenses.

-- KapnKen