Now that the Super Bowl, U.S.A., is over I figgered the bushwacker would kick off his war, keep the TV ratings soaring, but then I remembered we have Valentine's Day coming up and it wouldn't be in good taste to do a dastardly deed prior to or on the day of love so now I am revamping my prognostication: release the hounds the final two weeks of Feb.

Speaking of the super bowl, it had a definite nautical theme, with the pirates taking over San Diego for a week, pillaging and looting; staggering all around town until they got herded into the stadium, all but the one who was in the bar, palooted, peg legged from walking the plank and having a shark bite off his extremity, hook instead of a hand from a sword fight, eye patch from where a sea gull bombed him. Lost an eye from a sea gull dropping? He had just got the hook. And what about that ship's wheel stuck down his pants? "Driving me nuts," he said, "give me another grog."

So he missed the singing of God Bless America by a Canadian and Message In a Bottle by Sting and Company and didn't get to see the flyover of the F-14s on TV because ABC botched that one just like the referee couldn't remember which was the visiting team and which was the home team for the coin toss.


Luckey's Tavern, Eugene, Oregon, Friday night and the town is jumping. Came out to hear the band, Woodknot.


There's Rich Gaus, skypilotclub member from Junction City talking to Capn Skyp. Rich won 2nd prize in the first skypilotclub contest. On the right, Simon Babbs is warming up.

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In Aquarius the sick man shall come into danger of his life and his bladder and genitals suffer. Concerning the treatment of hiccup; which is treated by sneezing, by prolonged sleep, by holding the breath; and by friction of the extremnities, and by tales of horror.


Skypilotclub headquarters number one oh won had a meeting last week at Mike Hagen's. On the agenda was lasagna, cooked crab, chips and dips and assorted beverages.


Mike Hagen takes an important call. Skypilots are wanted for upcoming gigs. On the right, Ken M. Babbs and David Stanford enjoy the sun. David is Ken Kesey's editor, here from New York to put the finishing touches on Kesey's jail journal which is coming out in November.


David Stanford and George Walker. **Ken M. and Phil dietz.


George Walker sports his shirt. ****John Swan in psychedelic disquise.


Greetings skypilots near and far, now and into the future. We are embarking into a brand new year steering a brand new course, using the verities of our established grand space coordinates to continue the works already laid down and those yet to come. With flair. With verve. With respect to all life forms and material realms we encounter.

Best good wishes abound. Great brave thoughts and acts leap forth. Know ye fly not alone but are linked on the invisible space lines to others of your ilk. Skypilotclub is where we meet. Keep those cards and letters coming.


-- Capn Skyp


Confusion! Dread Confusion. I'm caught behind bars. All because I was saying Saturday the 21st was the solstice, for us nothern hemishphereites the shortest day of the year. I watched the sun go down and marked the spot on the left flank of Kloster Mountain, the fartherest most south the blazing orb will go before it begines its ascent northward.

Horrors. Then to look on the calendar and find out the solstice isn't Saturday at all. It's Sunday. 2:18 AM greenwich mean time. I'm going to have to watch the sun go down again and mark the spot. Then to wake up on Sunday morning and read in the paper that the solstice WAS on Saturday, 5:14 PM. But that's not why I'm behind bars.

I was captured by the forces of "Lenaea," celebrating the Festival of the Wild Women, who on the solstice capture the harvest god Dionysos and tear him to pieces and eat him.

Despite my protestations they think I'm the one, just because I love the fruit of the vine.

"But I thought it was on Saturday and turns out it was."

Chuck Kesey at the Springfield Creamery is quite a knowledgeable guy and has really zeroed in on healthy supplements to add to your diet. The acidopholous in the yogurt they make is one good example.

This is Nancy, of Nancy's Honey Yogurt.

Another product Chuck is studying is called colostrum. Great anti-viral properties and other features I can't remember but I'll find out what they are and add them to this notice.

If you want to know more about Colostrum, go to this website and there are articles galore you can read for a month of Sundays:


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