This is the house Kesey used for inspiration for the Stamper home in his book. It is on the far bank of the Siuslaw River just west of Florence, Oregon on the Pacific coast. The house was in prime condition in 1963 and stood out in a clearing. Since then the trees have overgrown the land and the house has lost its grandeur. Kesey's brother, Chuck, said one time he went over there to look at it and when he went in the front door a black bear ran out the back.

The A.P. English class at South Eugene High School was reading Kesey's "Notion." One day four boys in the class skipped school to do a vidie of house that inspired the Stamper place. The boys parked next to the road, changed into their bathing suits and shorts and got out the rubber raft and pumped it up, ready to cross the river to the house. The pics tell the story.

Okay, it was scary enough walking around inside, let's get out of here, get our clothes on and get back to town. Goodby to Stamperville.