Tagger is into artwork; has a keen eye for detail and watches what is going on around him. the ideal scene has something happen in the car in which he participates in a helping way; hopefully using his spray cans to good effect, but not necessarily. then when the train stops at the next station he hops out and paints the picture of what just took place on the train.

Tracy 168, NYC subway artist


by Capn Ken Skyp Babbs

Opens with the theme song in the background. Kingston Trio. " . . . he may ride forever 'neath the streets of Boston. He's the man who never returned . . ."

This is the story about Tagger, a graffiti artist, who does his artwork on Boston subway trains.

Opens with him in a hooded sweatshirt over his head so we don't see his face, taking off his backpack next to a pristine train car in a subway station. He pulls out spray cans and begins his mural at the front of the car, showing the station, the car, people boarding, his two hands going at once with multiple cans. He throws the cans in his back pack, runs and gets in the car at the last minute and grabs a seat.

Two rough looking guys grab a woman's purse and race down the car past Tagger. He whips out a spray can and makes a quick tag on the back of one of the guy's black jacket. There's a whistle and a transit cop going after the guys. Just before he goes through the door to the next car a woman says, "It's the one with a Chinese symbol for haste on the back of his jacket."

The train pulls into the next station and Tagger jumps out and spraypaints the scene that just took place on the side of the car, working it into mural he's already started.

So this is the story: alternating scenes inside the subway car of things that happen and Tagger getting involved; and outside the car of Tagger painting the story as it unfolds.


The subway car is completely painted, Tagger applying the final touch just as the train leaves. He puts the can in his backpack, straps it on and pulls his sweatshirt hood over his head and climbs the stairs out of the station, into a bright sunny day. The train emerges from a tunnel and heads across town, theme music in the background . . . "He's the man who never returned."