Tagger by Das Goh, dah Baron

The subway doors slide shut and in the last minute a pale, lost pigeon flies in through the gap. Confused and disorientated the bird begins flying up down the carriage above the passengers heads. Panicked and scared the bird contiunues flying, up and down, then in circles then up and down again.

A couple of guys, early twenties, denims and hoods try and swipe it out of the air.

Futher down a pair of kids start bawling feeling sorry for the bird.

Others a couple of old guys with their wives, they laugh. The bird it just flies and shits and flies and its heart is beating ever faster. There is uproar in the movement of the carriage. There is nowhere for the bird to land so in blind desperation it flies towards a window thinking its reflection is&n bsp; a comrade in confusion.

ìWhack!î the bird hits the glass with a thump and falls dazed into Taggerís lap.

Tagger calmly takes out his neon red spray can and sprays the very tips of the birds wingsís red. By the time the bird begins to rouse the subway is at the next station. Tagger takes the becalmed bird in both hands and as  the train stops and the doors open he hurls the bird into the air and towards a stair well where a glint of sunlight offers a clue of escape. Immediately in flight the bird retrieves its senses and the two sharp red wing tips catch the light as it flies off up the stairs.

Tagger jumps out and paints the scene