Here's all the entries in the Tagger script writing contest. Tough decisions to determine the winners. Every one had its merits. Click on the name to read the person's entry.

Tracy McCall 1st place

Steve Studstrup 2nd place

Bill Billings 3rd place (tie)

Ryan Forester 3rd place (tie)

Tim Gallagher 3rd place (tie)

John Taby 3rd place (tie)

Chris Bleuher honorable mention

Wendy Broffman honorable mention

Marc Garren honorable mention

Lindsay Wolff Logsdon honorable mention

Ken Matt honorable mention

Jim Pasnik honorable mention

Alan Wolf honorable mention


Brent Bomia

Ken Babbs

Das Goh

Todd DiCiurcio

Kurt Freirmuth

Don Groble

Cliff Gunsallus

Amy Hamblen

Charles Hansen

Michael Hoskins

John Babbs

Roger Lazoff

Richard MacQuiston

Nick Marti

Sean Redenz

Robert Register

Sandy Triofana

Mike Tuma

Ian Zalewski