Tagger by Ryan Forester

After finishing his addition to the mural Tagger jumps back into the car.

He heres a loud whistle and a deep voiced " Hey You."

Tagger turns startled , preparing himself for slipping into the next car.

He suddenly relaxes and let's down his hoody to reveal a big smile.

Tagger : " Sup' Will . Don't do that kind of shit man. "

A tall lean kid , dark complexion and a big easygoing smile walks up to Tagger.
He has a back pack over his shoulder and carries a skateboard.

Will : "Yo, I didn't know you knew Chinese."

Tagger : " I saw that shit in a Kung Fu movie."

Will : "You check those out man ?"

Tagger : "I was over in china town bout' three weeks ago. On my way to see this kid I
Know, sick artist. Anyhow I'm walking by and see this moving truck being
loaded up and this old lady yells down to one of the packers. " Almost to
Montana, Huh ?" And I think damn man, wouldn't that be the shit to have
my piece stroll that far across the country."

Will : " So what the owner invited you in to watch Kung Fu? Where you goin with
this? "

Tagger : " No man I wait for the guy packing the truck to go inside. Sneak over and get
started in on my piece, when a beat cop comes strollin out of a restaurant
eating Won-Ton soup or some shit. He see's my ass and comes runnin."

Will : " Did he drop his soup ? "

Tagger : "All over the ground man !"

Will : "Damn !!!!! you had to of pissed him off !"

Tagger : "Well anyways, I booked it around the corner down an alley, jumped the fence
and slid into an old Chinese theater on the left.
I paid my admission and walked through the curtain, wasn't no subtitles,
couldn't understand nothing. But it was one of the coolest things I ever seen.
It was a street market and this man comes by and steals a pouch of money out
of this old womens hands. This man standing directly behind him wearing a
robe and one of those round hat thingies. Bareley turning his head, pulls a sword
out with his left hand and carves that symbol into the back of the gankers
garment. Like Zorro man, but he was Chinese."

Will: " That is fucking cool man ! I'm gonna call you Samurai Tagger for now on."

Tagger : "I'll beat your ass man ! just kiddin, what you up to anyways Will."

Will : "Oh yea, well check this out man , your gonna piss yourself . You know
Lil' Nemo?"

Tagger :"Yea , I know that lil' freak . What about him ? "

Will :"We were in Tompkins square park the other day, skating and shit. Well anyways
Nemo lands from riding a rail , when out of nowhere a moped comes careening
around the corner. I mean I didn't know them things could go that fast. Lil' Nemos
looking all proud and shit. These hoochies are sitting there checking us out. And
damn if that moped didn't smack right into him. Lil Nemo went spinning through
the air in a cartwheel motion. Board shot right out from under him. Unfortunateley
the moped dude was wearing a helmet nad Nemos ankle smacked right against it.
He can't walk for a month , all laid up at his mom's crib, says he ain't going on the
streets like a gimp with crutches."

Tagger : "Probably cus' someone he done pissed off gonna finally catch up to his ass, take one of them crutches and beat him with it ! "

Will :"Probably right man, probably right. Anyways his board flew into the street and got
ran over by an ice cream truck. I'm gonna see if he wants to get this one off of me.

Tagger : "Yo, speaking of hootchies check that one out."

Will : " What she doing with that fat, old, bald dude feeling up her leg ?"

Tagger : "Probably her sugar daddy or some shit."

Will : "Damn it's my stop. You gonna get out and do your thing ?"

Tagger : "You know it, yo peep this on the way out."

On the way off the train, as Tagger and Will shuffle off, Tagger throws up his hood takes out a can of black paint and fills in the bald spot on top of the mans head. The girl holds her mouth trying not to laugh. And the bald man stands up startled as Tagger and Will
make it off the train.