Tagger by Jim P

While waiting for the next train the tagger we'll call him by his tag BTB, aka Boston Tagger Boy, notices a family of tourist complete with train maps, cameras and baseballs hats. He takes his head phones off to hear the obviously disgruntled group arguing about the right train to get on as the next one pulls up. Smiling away at sight he notices the attractive young daughter self-consciously standing back from the group as they all board the train.
Inside our man squeezes his way to a rail to stand next to and starts go through his pack full of cans as he feels the train fill in behind him. As he turns around to get some personal space he accidentally locks eyes with the young daughter standing right behind him. Relieved to know it wasn't some sweaty fat guy he braces himself as the train starts to move. Not used to subway travel,momentum throws the hefty mother off balance and into the daughter. Two well-developed tits are jammed right into BTB's back, which is normal for a crowded subway, but this makes him grin anyway.
Still listening to the more than ever disorientated family the father asks a near by passenger " hey, does this train go directly to Fenway?"
" Your asking the wrong guy, I'm from Bear Creek, North Carolinee," replies the helpless passenger.
"Hey that's something, I used to work with a guy that moved to N.C." said the father
" Richard quit your yapping and find out if this train will get us there, I'm dying from the smell in here!" resounded the mother in thunderous groan.
BTB's back is turned from all this traveling tourist confusion. He keeps feeling the breasts of the daughter brushing into him over and over, sometimes for extended periods of time. BTB begins to think that this girl is either unusually unbalanced or getting off in some strange way. Then to his great surprise he feels the girl grab his hand unnoticeable to her parents who are sucked into their own confusion. So not saying a word to each other the girl and our hero stand holding hands.
The father to the mother," well then who should I ask?"
" I don't know just ask someone already!" the now steaming hot red faced mother belts out.
As BTB turns around to get a glimpse of this girl he first sees the face of the father. BTB could tell the father was about to say something to him and he quickly let go of her hand fearing they were caught.
Our man's and the father's eyes where locked. To BTB the father's face seemed to be in slow motion, his lips curled, mustache hairs standing on end, and redden eyes protruding out from underneath his old man bifocals he could tell the guy was about to say something. BTB nervously tried to move back away but with no use due to the rail he was once innocently leaning.
" Hey, you!" shouted the father to our man.
Oh shit here it comes the taggers inner voice reeled as his back began to sweat against the cool rail. "Wha?" BTB squeaked out.
" Yeah!" the father irately answered. " Does this train go to Fenway ballpark?"
A wave of relief washed over BTB who was expecting much worst, the old farmers daughter type scene.
"No, this train goes north, see," he points to the big N next to the train number above the door. "Fen Ways south of here, sorry mista."
The mother laughs in disgust of the fathers disorientation " I told you, why can't you listen" the mother keeps mind-numbingly ranting on.
"Hey, Mista!" BTB yells out, " I tell you how to get there, if you want?"
"Please," the now deflated father asks in a helpless/hopeless sort of way.
"Yeah, get out here at the next stop, go to the bus stop up the stairs, it's at the edge of the street, wait for the L bus it will be by every five to ten minutes, it will take you right there in about twenty five minutes. Stay on the bus until you get to Fen Way, the bus stops right in front of it, probably cost you and the fam about eight seventy five, alright then mista?"
The train stops as BTB gives the daughter a big hug to the whole family's surprise and wonderment and dashes out the opening doors. In the background noise you could hear the mother saying, "I'm not getting on any filthy bus with those.