Inside the Car

Scene by Sean Redenz

Staff Writer for the Community Voice Holly Michigan

Tagger slips through the closing door of the subway car thrusting into a seat along with the motion of the accelerating train. Faster, faster, faster she goes into an easy turn now slightly swaying her passengers to the right then the left again in the straight away. Those who are standing brace themselves while in motion. A passenger fights the jostling of the car with each step heading defiantly up the isle in an improvident fashion exalted only by lesser gods whom look up from the bowls of chaos rather than down. This obviously inebriated man in womanís vestures would have struggled with the dead calm of a cold stone walk, let alone a moving train buried well beneath the streets of Boston. The drag queen well beyond his prime whilst making his way is confronted by a group of young politically ignited college kids on there way to a protest carrying signs that say things like, ëReform Corporate Labor.í

The old queen passes them up slowly spilling from his mouth as he does, ìReform it, isnít it still corporate just the same?î

ìStop spinning your wheels old man, itís time to drive,î says one of the kids in vehement retort.

The queen just shrugs and makes his way further up the car. Coming closer and closer to Tagger. Falling against Taggerís shoulder as he passes Tagger quickly pulls out a can of the most vibrant red he has and dusts ever so gently the queens blond wig. The queen looks Tagger in the eyes with his glassed remnants of humanity meeting directly, and with words about to leave his mouth says nothing. He kisses Tagger on the forehead, rights himself, and finds the direction he had been heading this time on his knees. The old queen finds his feet just in time to fall ass over tea kettle as the train comes to a halt for the next stop, with run stockings and five o-clock shadow bounding the floor fantastic.

ìIt may say it on the back of his head, but he doesnít look so holy to me,î states a passenger narrowly avoiding the old queens head due to the vibrant color of red in which the word was wrote.

The old queen is the last one to leave the car, for he finds it difficult to stand whilst under foot.

Tagger exits the car quickly to refine itís exterior.