Tagger by Ian Zalewski

Graphiti Artiste, (G.A. henceforth), examines the
contents of his bag to take stock of contents.
Primarily consisting of spray cans and ìinsideî
tagger esoterica to be determines later, he seats
himself as we learn he has no technological gizmos in
it as he trys to tune out...

A stereotype ìRICH LADYî is the center of her own cell
phone universe relating the details of the priorscene.
Her DAUGHTER is next to MOM on a seeming three-second
delay / verbal canon in her own conversation.
Nearby BABY carriage has a TV screen.
LITTLE BROTHER, (12-ish), overtly seems like ray
banned NEO from the Matrix in both look and demeanor.
He takes a cell call and plays a game
on the phone simultaneously stating,
ìAffirmative. It was cool.
FYI #3, I took an MPEG of it and will upload it
As soon as I find a Wi-Fi hub.î

G.A. turns to see a BABY beginning to cry.
Its MOTHER is listening to a portable radio with her
headphones on as she works on her lap top continuing
to ignore the BABY.

A SUIT looks at his personal organizer and behind him
is the background of billboards advertising every
gizmo or gadget blurring but framing him.
Oh face it Sunil. Thereís no feasible way to
sustain a purely technological portfolio and...
And... And why would you want to?
Yeah? Well right on Gunga Nasdaq.
Out source this too and sell it before it sinks
any lower. Thanks.î
He hangs up with a push of a button.

The train is slowing to the next stop and is announced
over the bad MUZAK in the background.
HIPPIE sits next to the exit.
At first he seems tye-dyed in GRAVY but closer up
we see he the most WIRED of any onboard with
all kinds O stuff, (see S.F. Nerds for the latest).
His WAVY locks of white hair fall in his face as looks
at his Electronic chessboard.
He cries taking a game piece and resetting the game on
his Chesswhiz IV.

G.A. passes him and goes out of the car to paint
Combining a Horror Movie Poster about a TOY DOLL,
the ad for an Egyptian Vacation and adding some
cave painting nuancelooming behind it all . . .
Oh so virtually yourz,