Since my daughter had my debit card and pin number in her wallet that was stolen, everyone says I have to put a fraud alert at the credit agency people but because she doesn't have a credit rating or credit cards I am running up against a stone wall by going to equifax and experian and transunion. They don't recognize my daughter's stolen social security number and you can't talk to a real person; everything is automated.

Vee vill not be brought down.

Making fun of a lousy situation is the best way to deal with said situation and I am now making lots of fun in the old time prankster/skypilot tradition just like sherlock piped and coked and looking all over hell for my magnifying glass

Since I'm out in the country I have to deal with the sheriff's deputies. The sheriff department is so strapped for cash they don't even deal with thugs like the one who broke into my daughter's car. Still, a deputy came out and got all the info I gathered, and he'll turn it over to the property crimes detective. I think the thug has some priors and they'll be able to identify him. I asked the deputy if he had a computer in his car so I could look at mug shots but he said he didn't pick one up today. I'm letting the whole thing go, got too much else to do to spend any more time on the case, but you can bet now I know what the thug looks like, I'll be like the one-eyed guy polishing his fake eye, keeping an eye out for him.

-- Capn Skyp


Getting lots of reports from Skypilots keeping weathered eye out for shave-headed thug with tatoos up and down his arms, chin whiskers and big muskles. He's been seen all over the place. A friend in Hawaii said the border patrol by Tijuana saw the guy trying to slip into mexico. You'd think the border
patrol'd have better things to do than call my friend in Hawaii but my friend is an old surfer dude who used to surf down there at the border so he stays
up on things like the cosmic wave.

A thug is a descendant of the original Thugs in India who for hundreds of years killed and robbed people in obeisance to the god Kali but they only strangled since they were not allowed to draw blood.

-- Capn Skyp


Yer flag decal won't get you into heaven anymore and a flag on yer T shirt doesn't mean yer a good citizen either.

Some thug smashed daughter liz's car window in the parking lot of a county park where she went for a run and they stole her purse with her wallet in it and in the wallet was my debit card she was using that dadalong with a piece of paper with the pin number on it.

A thug is a descendant of the original Thugs in India who for hundreds of years killed and robbed people in obeisance to the god Kali but they only strangled since they were not allowed to draw blood.

Looking up our account online I saw that the thugsused the debit card to the tune of 349.29 dollars. Stephanie at the bank was able to find out what times everything happened. She also said, becuz of customer incompetence in that the pin number was in the same wallet with the debit card the bank will not recompence the incompetents for losses incurred by the peron using the stolen debit card.

At Ray's Food Market the tapped the ATM twice for a hundred bucks each at 5:52 and 5:53 PM, the max the bank will alow to be withdrawn in one day. Then he went to the counter and bought a carton of Camel Lights for 46.95 and got fifty bucks cashback.

At the 76 gas station at 5:55 he bought three packs of camel lights for 14.70 and was caught on the survelliance camera but the tape is jerky and not qood quality. Still, you can see he is buff, shaved head, chin beard, tatoos up and down his arms and the T shirt with the American flag. The clerk remembers him and will call in the license number if the guy ever comes back.

Then on to the Shell station at 6:12to buy three packs of American Spirit blue cigarettes. They have a survelliance camera but the tapes are all out of order and couldn't find the right one. I'll come back later.

Knecht's Auto Parts store at 6:30 to buy an Orange County Choppers license plate holder and five quarts of oil. The clerk remembers him and says he's seen the guy in there before. If he comes in again the clerk will get his license number.

Joker defective inspector malfeasance is on the case, wallowing in crime fiction lore, spending way too much time running around tracking down the thug and now realizing I have too much else to do to be wasting my time on this so today I wrap up the investigation and turn everything over to the poleeece.