capn, glad to hear you are dusting off the Vietnam novel. It's time the
folks are reminded of what a long protracted mess we were in and perhaps they wiil see that we are headed toward it in Iraq and with no end in sight. It's time we the people demand an exit, or are we the people too fat, dumb and happy the way we are?
-- cj


some people seem to think if we don't invade and occupy Iraq we will be attacked here at home. In a way, it is concentrating the badness over there but at what cost? I personally believe we can protect ourselves at home and it really ticks me off that the national guard and the reservists are being used over there instead of here.
-- capn skyp


having the nose in the fruitjar ain't a judgment thing...glasses   break, mason jars bounce...any Briar knows that. and eventually one of our decades will become retro-hip. I hope it's something after Disco. Oh, well, I forgot what the subject was, aloha. McFearless


what was it came after disco
hip country rock or something
way more ordinary, oh yeah,
I remember: insipid love songs
-- capn skyp


what the guru knew
and when to stir the soup
was what kept him
out of the loop.

calls for exhibiting PERSERVERENCE in times of suffering.. not letting oneself get swallowed by "the World". Hang Tight and Wait for God. Help's on the Way. The Hinges are being Installed. SHOW SOME PATIENCE FOR GOD'S SAKES.

One night after a hot Dead show, a friend came rushing out into the cool New England air.. all pumped and wide-pupiled.
"I've GOT IT!" he exclaimed breathlessly, and stammered to get it out clearly:
"JERRY is NOT God !" he said slowly and precisely, then smiled knowingly...
"..but he's got CONNECTIONS!"
-- Greg


ah, pore sweet thangs
doing the loopy loop
and returning rings
sweet Jesus knows those things
-- Capn skyp


There's a guy over in Lowell across the lake from me who is making bio in a hot water heater. he needs an additional one hundred gallon tank to get the glycerine out of the fuel. He is running his car on 100 per cent bio. I'm going to go talk to him, see if we can come up with some drawings and instructions. Trick is to tie up some cooking oil from restaurants. He has them sign a five year contract with an option to continue.
-- capn skyp


I find myself today wondering why we as humans act like donkeys. Asses, stubborn. I see your round with Roberto and there you have it. Now Skypilots.

I can't walk because of a bad knee. So I sit with my guitar in hand wondering why in the hell we humans act like this? A guy I work with is from Lebanon or somewhere over there. He said you'll never understand us. I guess not. Blowing yourself up?

I think we all as humans need to not pay attention to politics, it's all bullshit, but we need to be kind to our fellow mankind. Say Hi to your neighbor, offer someone who is elderly some help, hold the door for someone, open the car door for your lady.

And love your kids. We are a kind bunch of folks in this Nation. Too kind to tell our leaders to fuck off. 300 million folks and this is the handfull we get.

That's why they make beer.
-- Wingman Nalaflow


beat up but
not beat down
we continue to beat
the peace drum
-- capn skyp


You & Your Skypilots Are A Fuckin' Drag When You Get Off On Politics


The French are showing the world that tolerance don't work when you are dealing with shitheads.They failed to convert them to Catholicism in Africa and they failed to integrate them into their society after the shitheads migrated to France.

We in Alabama could have told you that a long fuckin time ago.

Ya'll need to get off this shit, let it be & TURN ON YO' LOVE LIGHT, BABY, LET IS SHINE ON ME!


When we quit killing people saying it is protecting us and when we quit invading and occupying countries thousands of miles away and quit using our military to provide a training ground for bombers and when we instead spend over three hundred billion dollars for more teachers, a renewable energy policy (try biodiesel, wind power, solar panels), more cops on the streets, free access to Cuba, health care for all, jobs for everyone and many other ways to make this country the bastion of freedom and education and wholesome happy existence it is in our power to do, then I will quite speaking out aganst the policies of the greed head idiots who are so sadly denigrating the word: American.

capn skyp


The Emperor
by David Budbill

Lao Tzu said flexibility and resilience are what it takes to stay alive.
And kindness, Confucius believed, is the highest virtue.

So why is the Emperor so spiteful and malicious? Why
does he go around beating up on everybody all the time?

Why do so many people have to suffer and die just because
the Emperor and his Imperial Court have an idea?

-- submitted by Jeff Scott, from the book, While We've Still Got Feet

Here is the Scott family, Jeff, Kathy and Marnie, on vacation from the Adirondacks, all the way to Oregon to visit the Kesey statue.


the Joint chief of staff
wants to know
how's the elbow
where's the backbone
who's got the glue
why's the war
makes me so sore
it's all blood and gore
say no to four more
make it a peacetime lore
let our vets snore
without cannon's roar
saith the soothsayers galore

ah, my stories don't have the gore
for I was there early in the war
I made everything up
just like a maid and the bed
now don't puncture my balloon she said

you don't wanna put yer mouth on it
is what hemingway tole his boys
double barrelled earnest advice
the kind not to be followed
but I guess when it comes to clothes
it's all in the genes
double breasted double helix

no, the gore hadn't got to the war
but the possiblitlies
were there and the craziness
was everywhere
sometimes the load gets heavy
other times it is a feather
blowing in the happy wind

-- Capn Skyp and the Skypilots

Okay, Pilots, let's put the past behind us and move forward with alacrity and bounding spirits to do the work at hand. No more bashing of anyone or anything; it's energy mis-spent. Let us apply ourselves with verve and creative ploys to the main tasks:

Numero Uno: STOP THE WAR. Bail out. In poker you don't hold 'em when your have a losing hand, you fold 'em and back off; there's no shame in that.

Numero Dos: Protect social security and medicare. They work. Use the money saved from stopping the war to bolster the coffers (and not fill the coffins).

Numero Tres: More teachers in the classrooms. Biggest problem is overcrowding. Teachers can't teach when they are overwhelmed by too many students. Set a goal of 25 students per class, max, and meet it by putting money into education specifically for hiring new teachers. Oh, don't forget to make it worth while.

Now, let's gedwidit!


Okay, now say it: Iraq IS a tragic mistake

"the excursion [into Iraq] is not going well.
I am stunned that Iraq was invaded."
-- Tom Wolfe

"The invasion of Iraq and its subsequent occupation was a tragic catastrophe that could only get worse. Before we get out of Iraq, it's going to make Viet Nam look like a good idea.

"I can't think of a single case where a popular local guerrilla movement failed to defeat a conventional foreign occupying force. From the American Revolution through Viet Nam, the guerrillas always win. Usually, it takes them a long time and they suffer most of the casualties, but they win."

-- mercenary soldier in Iraq

"Statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception."
-- Mark Twain

". . . he had no right to sacrifice good men to this crazy lust or whatever it is . . the Cadmus soldier . . . more of a menace than a help: if you can't measure danger, how on earth can you evade it?

"Ultima ratio regem . . . but make sure it is the last argument . . . once the drums begin to beat. . . there is nothing ahead but fear and waste and misery and desolation . . . once the engine has started it must shudder and rumble to the very end of its hellish course, come what may."

" . . . we are indifferent, unprepared. . . then we're roaring with righteous wrath, ready to rush off into battle with our pants down . . . only the next time it will be worse. Planes will fly faster, tanks will travel farther, guns will shoot faster . . . the surprise attack on the unready nation will be the hallmark of the next war."

-- Anton Myrer, ONCE AN EAGLE